Saturday, June 2, 2007

Mitch at Six Months Old

Mitch was officially 6 months old on May 24th.

Mom weighed him today and he's a whopping 45.5 pounds.
She also weighed me just to compare and I'm a dainty 54 pounds! The little porker is only a few pounds lighter than I am!

Mom also measured our heights.
Mitch is 21 3/4 - 22" to the withers.
I'm 23 3/4 - 24" to the withers.

Mom measure Mitch's paw. I swear he has the BIGGEST feet! His front paw measures 3" across and mine is only 2 3/4". I hope he never steps on me!

The length of Mitch's tail is 5". He got cheated! Someone docked it way too short! hehehehe The length of my tail is 9" - the perfect length for a perfect girl!

Mom also measured our neck sizes. Mitch's neck measures 14 3/4" and mine is only 1/4" larger and I'm almost 9 years old! Do you think this brat will ever stop growing?

Mom presented Mitch with a big boy collar for his 6-month mini-birthday! The collar is not red - it's a reddish brown but the picture is making it look red. He really looks pretty handsome in it! He's a lucky boy! I didn't get my fancy collar till I was a lot older! I guess you know who's more special!
It's got a pretty brass plate on it with Mitch's name and our telephone number just in case (God forbid) Mitch ever got lost! At least he can call home and tell mom to come and pick him up.
He also got a small pressie to mark the special occassion. It's a Nylabone BarBChew Rib Rack! He has yet to put it down so I can check it out!
Hey, that looks kinda yummy! Can I have a taste too?

Yea sure! Even though he's officially six months old he still hasn't learned how to share yet!

Dad took us out for ice cream too to celebrate Mitch's big day!
Here he comes! I can hardly wait! Today's flavor was peanut butter yogurt! yummy!
Hey, it's my birthday! I get the most - not you!

Just to let you all know - Mitch never had to wear the dreaded lampshade after his neuter surgery! He never once abused his stitches so mom never had to figure out how to use the darn cone thing! We'll be storing it on the top shelf in the closet just in case it will be needed for some other occassion!

Until next time.............

Love ya lots,



  1. Happy happy 6 month barkday, Mitch! He's so cute and such a big boy! So are you, Maggie - cute! We're proud of Mitch for doing so well with his ouchie and not having to wear the cone head. That's exactly how it went down with us too. We have our cone head stored in the garage. We hope never to see it again. Your new collar is very lovely and having your name and phone number on it is very important.

  2. Happy Barkday Mitch!!! What a big boy you are! Heck, if he stepping on me I'd probably be a little squishy Ruby (I'm only 16lbs you know!) PB yogurt...yum. I need to get me some of that!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. happy six months birthday Mitch! we have those nylabone ribs... um... somewhere? I think we took them outside and they got lost. woops.

  4. Hi, Maggie.
    I think Mitch its going to be a giant! He is six months old and he is almost your size!
    Happy mini birthday for him!
    Its nice that he didn't need the cone head.
    sure you enjoyed your ice cream
    Have a good night

  5. Happy 6 month birtday Mitch! You sound like you are going to be a big boy. You can then protect your sister Maggie from all the bad people out there.

    Good to hear that you went through your boy bits surgery well. You are lucky you didn't have to wear the lampshade. I had to wear it for a week.

    The Mighty Scruff

  6. Happy Half Birthday, Mitchy. You're almost an AireMAN!

    So happy you are doing so well and were completely lampshade free.

    Mags, way to take care of the boy. Underneath your attitude, it's obvious you love your bro!

    Goober kisses,

  7. hmm... it seems mitch is celebrating every now and then. not too long ago, i remember he celebrated something something...

    i have that nyalabone barbchew too. i hardly chew on it coz i have so many toys and that nyalabone is not exactly my fav. but i do chew on it once in a while. shhh, don't tell chiyo, it's a gift from her. LOL

    wet wet licks


  8. Mitch will be a big big boy ! It is nice that you celebrate with ice-cream, I do that too.
    Kiss, Faya

  9. Hi Maggie! Hi!

    Happiest 6 month barkday to Mitch! Ice cream is definitely the way to go with celebrating -- I completely agree with that plan:)! Mitch is a lucky boy, that collar is coolest! I can't wait to see it up close:) He is a big boy too ... only 5 pounds lighter than ME -- hee hee ... We will definitely go to a barn pawty together soonest, Maggie! :) I can't even wait! Talk to you soon!

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  10. Happy Barkday Mitch!

    Your paws are as big as my head!


  11. Oh Mitch, you're a MASSIVE well not really, a BIG boy now! You're only 6 months but yet you're already big! Woh, you're catching up... Bad news Maggie, I think he's gonna double your size once he;'s a full adult. But don't worry, he can;t dominate you coz you're still the ALPHA dog in the household! Haha! Happy Barkday to you Mitchy Mitch!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  12. Hey Maggie,
    I think Mitch is going to be a BIG boy..phew.. :)
    You guys celebrate in the best cream!! I gotta train my Mom to feed me ice cream...

  13. Happy Half year Birfday Mitch!!! You have teddy bear paws,,You are such a good boy for leaving your stitches alone,cones should only be used as pawty hats heheheheh.
    Peanut Butter and ice cweam all togefer??OMG..that sounds like heaven. That chewy looks super good, you should share it with your sweetest sister, Maggie, boys are always bigger, you have delicate girl neck, you're bootiful
    smoochie kisses

  14. Happy 6 month barkday Mitch! Looks like you got good and spoilt, well done! The peanut butter ice cream just sounds too good!!!

    Oscar x

  15. Happy Belated 6 Months Mitch!!! Wow, you "are" a big boy now!! Look at those paws.... Make sure you don't step on your sister.....hehehehe....


    PS: Congrats on not having to wear the lampshade. U are SO lucky!!!

  16. Mitch is the most handsome 6 month old I know! :)

    You don't have to tell him if you don't want to Maggie.....I know how it could go to his head!

    I also love his new collar, very chic.


  17. Good boy Mitch! You were as good as I Butchy was, I never messed with my stitches either. Happy Birfday too Mitch! You are looking so grown up. It's hard to believe you are that old already, our cousin Toto also turned 6 months on June 1st. Time sure flies.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  18. Ooooh! Cute puppy feet! Oooooh! xxx Asta down under

  19. Happy Belated 6 Month Birthday Mitch! You are such a clever boy to avoid ever wearing the e-Collar (I call it my satellite dish)..

  20. Happy 6 months Mitch!!! You're a BIG BOY, all the Airegirls are gonna LOVE you!!!! It's ok Maggie, the boys are supposed to be bigger than the girls... usually!

    Oh and I'm really, really happy you didn't have to wear the cone... :)


  21. Wow, Mitch is a big boy now! Helios is still lighter and smaller than me... but I fear not for long!

  22. I meant to ask you - where did you guys get the cool tail-wagging Airedale icon on your page? Is that you, Mags?

    Your personal goober,

  23. HaPpY 6th Mth OlD BiRtHdAy Mitch!
    All your presents looks great & yummy!! Slurp! ^ ^

  24. Mitch sure is cute - but not as cute as you sweet Maggie :)

    He has VERY big feet, that's for sure !


  25. Listen, Maggie, you gotta get control of that boy,he's obviously going to be way bigger than you. But we girls sure no how to manipulate situations so I'm counting on you. You can start by getting that Nylabone away from him.

  26. We are glad that Mitch is recovering real well. Sorry that We have been real busy and we have been checking out your blog as often as we want too. But we will always think of you.

    Happy 6mths, Mitch!

    Boy n Baby

  27. Happy 6 month bark day, dear Mitch!

    sorry I have been late in posting, things got a bit hectic here in rainy and grey Scotland, bloomin' June!

  28. Happy 6 mo. barkday Mitch. You sure are growing up big and handsome!

  29. I hate when the Hoover comes out....I bark and bark at it trying to make it go away. And hte duster, ohhhh that thing makes me mad too!

    Cleaning house is so silly, we're just gonna mess it up again!

    Murph the messy dog

  30. PB Yogurt??!!!?!?! Drool...

    Happy Burpday Mitch!


  31. Hey Maggie, Glad that you both got peanut butter ice cream to celebrate Mitch's 6 month barkday. What lucky pups you are! J X

  32. Is it weird that I want to bite Mitch's cute little feet? I get the urge to do it to Cleveland's ears too sometimes when he's being cute. Heheh.