Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sleeping Giant with Putter

We've been talking about this day FOREVER and we finally made it here! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Putter and her mom met us at our house and they followed us over to Sleeping Giant. We were in dad's truck with our heads poked out the rear window keeping an eye on Putter and making sure she didn't get lost. Putter was in her famous yellow Puttermobile! It only takes about 15 minutes to get there thank goodness because we were anxious to see each other again! It's been too long!
Here comes Putter! There she is Mitch!
We did have quite a bit of barking to do and a few friendly growls but it didn't last long before we set off on our climb!
Here's dad giving Putter a love pat on the way up the mountain. Putter is such a friendly girl and always happy-go-lucky!

The climb was oodles of fun. There was a lot of great sniffing and we saw chipmunks and squirrels and lots of birds and pretty flowers and the hoomans were talking away and having the best time!

Here we are at the top of the mountain right outside the castle!

Now to climb to the top of the castle! The climb to the top is 4 or 5 short ramps and you keep turning corners - going around and around. If you ran it would make you dizzy!
We're at the top and Putter is bound and determined to see over the edge! Careful Putter - it's a longgggg drop! We had a beautiful day! You could see for miles and miles! Mitch looks super impressed! hehehehe
Here we are in a group shot enjoying each other's company!
Next thing we know there was a water break and cookies for everyone! yippeeeeeeeee the best part!
Mitch was getting a little bit frisky at this point! Maybe he was feeling romantic at the top with the lack of aire??? He's sharing a kiss with Putter! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwThe trip down was just as much fun as the trip up but we were all thirsty once we got to the bottom. There is a special water fountain just for the doggies and we weren't shy! well...............Mitch is getting his drink~
And Putter sure wasn't shy~
I was really thirsty too only I don't drink out of community bowls or dishes that could possibly have cooties! There could be germs and other dog's slobber and I could actually catch something - so I refused the free water!Mom always brings our fancy blue cooler with ice water in it so I'll wait! It's much safer this way!

We had the greatest time and were sad to see our adventure end! We're already making plans to go back again real soon!

Till next time...............

Love ya lots,



  1. What a very Aire-y time! Cool that you got to hang out with Putter!

    I always drink from the community bowl because I'm the one with cooties! Ha ha ha!


  2. Hi Maggie! Hi!

    OMG! Today was so much FUN! It was literally the FUNNEST EVER! I can't even waaaaiiittt to go AGAIN! Talk to you soon, okay! Hi to my friend Mitch!

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  3. Hey guys, sounds like a great Hike! Can little doggies like me make it up Sleeping Giant? I bet it would take us like forever to get up and down... better pack my overnight bag! Sounds like great fun Maggie!


  4. Hey Maggie,
    You sure had fun with Putter! I think it's great you guys can meet up to go for walkies. :)

  5. that looks like so much fun! I dont drink out of gross community dishes either, YUCK!

  6. Hi, Maggie.
    So glad you had the chance to meet Putter. Sure it was fun going to that place.
    I like that picture of Mitch kissing Putter.
    Have a good night

  7. You climbed a CASTLE!?!? How cool is that!
    S had the same problem when going down the stairs at her workplace. Her office is on the 36th floor, and when there is a fire drill, they need to go down by stairs, and they can get dizzy just by walking down the stairs b'cos they are short flights too...:S

    You sure had lotsa fun!


  8. Woh a meetup with Putter. It sure looks very fun. And Mitch kissing Putter.. That's so romantic

    ~ girl girl

  9. Hee hee, you're funny being picky with your fresh water! That outing looked like lots of aire-fun!!


  10. You got to go to a castle?!?!? That is so cool!! We only get to see those on tv and in movies!!! I wanna go to but Mommy ways its too far away. I think she's lying.

    I'm like you. I don't drink from community bowls or water fountains either. Oh wait, I do from time to time drink from mud puddles. I guess I'm somewhat confused about the whole cooties thing.


  11. Awwww great pics and captions. Meetups are such fun.

    Tail wags

  12. maggie,

    you three are enjoying. i wish i could join you for the trek too. sleepy giant looks fun to climb!

    wet wet licks


  13. What a great looking castle, it looks like fun! Glad you had a good visit with Putter.

  14. That looks like a great dy out. Will you do it again soon?

    Simba x

  15. I'll drink out of any bowl, or preferably a nice dirty puddle!

    I saw the photos on Putter's site. You guys certainly had a fun day!

    Oscar x

  16. You guys sure have fun with Putter.

    Luv, Snowball

  17. WOW its an AIREDALE DAY OUT!
    Looks so much fun to me!
    It must be really nice to meet up with Putter!
    hope you guys can do this more often!


  18. A yellow track is good-looking.
    meeting the friend is romantic. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  19. Hey cool! Looked like you three enjoyed yourselves! Wish I could join but too bad, we live very far apart from each other...

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  20. Awesome! I need a pal down South to paw around with.

  21. What a fun day you got to hang with Putter!!! That looks like a really great place. So glad you had so much fun!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  22. Oh ! I wish I could be with you to play play and play again and again... I can see you had a great day...
    Kiss, Faya

  23. WOW -

    Sleeping Giant looks so very cool!! It looks like you all had an excellent time there!

    We also loved your post for dad's day - Mom and I were away so we had a belated dad's day. I have to talk to my humans about getting some of this ice cream everyone is talking about.

    Wet nose smooches to you and Mitch!!


  24. Mitchy has a girlfriend...na na na na na naaaaaaa! Is he old enough for romance???

    What a cool day! We need some serious hiking soon!

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  25. Wowzers, that looks cool! But ... a sleeping giant!?!? Seriously?!!? Weren't you scared he'd wake up or anything?!!?
    Play bows,

  26. Hi Maggie! Thanks for visiting me, and I'm very glad to meet you! You are a very pretty terrier!
    I see you are from Connecticut, where I was born! I lived near Boston before we moved to Indiana. And guess what - you are exactly two days older than me.

    I am looking forward to reading your blog!

    Your friend, Lenny

  27. Oohhh, yes! Sleeping Giant and the Mill River! Great terrain for squirrel-seeking, chipmunk-chewing, and mink-mauling! Little critters everywhere!

    Hope you didn't disturb that Giant--he can get mean and nasty if you wake him! Speaking of which, did'ja ever hear of the legend of the Black Dog? It's another field-trip to an adjacent mountain: check out http://cttrips.blogspot.com/2006/01/hanging-hills-of-meriden-legend.html

    Airedales rule!

    Persephone & Buster
    Airedale wannabe's

  28. Hi Maggie,

    I so envy u!!!!

    Your daddy mummy always bring you and mitch to so many places..

    Your so so lucky!!!


  29. Maggie!

    Looks like you guys had a blast! Seeing your photos was the next best thing to being there.

    My girl always brings a big blue cooler of ice water whenever we go anywhere just like your mom. My girl calls it the "open bar." She sets it up for all my buddies and me at the park.

    You and Mitch rest up for the next climb up the GIANT!

    Goob love,

  30. Maggzie,
    That looked like the bestest fun, and you three were on such good behavior. A little smooching on top is always good. I see you have discwiminating taste in dwinks, sound vewy civilized
    love you lots!
    smoochie kisses to you and MItch

  31. Oh nooo Maggie, I just noticed, I'm not listed as one of you fwiends...boohoohoo,

  32. Oh Boy, you look like you had alot of fun. You are right about the water. We dont even want to drink water when we are out.

    Boy n Baby

  33. The three of you look very good together. What fun places you go to! J x

  34. Wow, Maggie! That looks like so much fun!! I'm so glad all of you had such a great time!! (I don't blame you about the water dish, you can't be too careful!!)


  35. I can't believe how big Mitch is! He's almost full-grown, it looks like!

    What a cool trip, Maggie. I wish I could climb all the way up there, but I don't think my wittle legs could carry me. That's what my Mom is for ;)

    Puggy kisses

  36. Wow that looks like my kind of hike.Does it have rivers or water too?
    Looked like you had a blast

  37. Wow, Airedale's galore. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I bet you are looking forward to the next time, eh? Glad you had so much fun.


  38. That's great you had a dog get together and got to go on a dogventure!! Looks like fun was had by all.

  39. Looks like great fun. I think Mitch sure like Putter. Too young to be "chasing" girls there Mitch! Kaylie likes boys too. She will run to the boys to give them kisses. I roll my eyes each time.

    I'm glad all of you enjoyed the walk.

  40. hey.. i can see that you guys are having such a great time and adventure there.. hope i can do something like that.. just hope that my bad hips will go away so i can go hiking n outing soon..

    love love
    Golden Rossi