Friday, June 1, 2007

Big Brave Airedales

This morning mom was moving vases of flowers that will be the centerpieces on the tables under the wedding tent from the house to the barn. The wedding is less than 8 days away!

She must have made 15 trips back and forth and back and forth. She noticed that there was a turtle in the garden laying eggs and of course she wished that she had her camera because she actually could see right under mama turtle's butt, the eggs that she was laying in the hole that she had dug.

When mom was finished with this moving project she brought me outside with her so that I could hang with Mitch. I have a tie-out line connected to our apple tree and as mom was hooking me up Mrs. Turtle was making her was over to say hi!
Mom started to laugh hysterically because it wasn't long before she realized that Mitch and I were both scared to death of mama turtle!
Here's a really cool action shot that mom just happened to get of me! Wheeeeeeeeee!

You can see by this video that I really wasn't too happy with Mrs. Turtle being this close to me!

Mom wants to know if you guys think this face looks like that of a killer to you? I personally think she looks pretty grumpy and the poor woman just had 20 kids so what would you expect!

Until next time..............

Love ya lots,



  1. Maggie and Mitch!

    Are you guys in the wedding? What is your role? Do you get to carry the rings?

    P.S. The turtle looks really, really scary. I can understand why you don't like it. The actions shot is GREAT!

  2. Oooh, I wonder how I would be with a turtle? You got braver as the video went on!

    As Allegra says, the action shot is great!

    Oscar x

  3. Maggie,

    How's Mitchy-bog? Okay? Us younger dales have to stick together.

  4. OmDog! You are sooo adorable! That action shot was totally cool. I suspect just birthing 20 kids could make anyone look a bit menacing.


    ps. Mitch is ok!! No lampshade Wahooo!

  5. Well Maggie in fact I think I am just like you....I am also afraid of Mr. Turtle....he looks so scary.. in fact I am afraid of everything...
    Kiss, Faya

  6. Wow, your action shot was great! Is Mama turtle a snapping turtle also? or is she some kind of painted slider turtle?? Some years the red eared sliders come up from the river to our pond. They always leave in the fall though. One year there were about 7 baby turtles that hatched in our pond & they crawled up onto the duck decoy we had floating in the pond, hehehehe. None of them stayed though.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  7. are so brave. The turtle looks kinda grumpy - I agree. Plus if it was one of those snappy out.

    Glad Mitch made it outside today. Seems like he is feeling better.

    Now I know you guys aren't in the wedding, but where are you going to be during the day...are they sending you to a doggie spa or something to relax???

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  8. I've never seen a turtle he looks strange. Sounds like your Mummy is busy.
    Simba xx

  9. OH Maggie! How scawiest! I am with you, that turtle is nothing to mess around with:)! I may however have tried to eat her ... after I got over my initial shock of it all that is:)! Oh My ... What a morning:)!

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  10. Hi Maggie.....Looks like you let that turtle know who was boss.

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

  11. Hi Maggie!

    I love that action pic of yours!

    Were you leaping away from the turtle or trying to attack it? I see that you are barking non stop at the turtle.
    The turtle looks very smug to me. Like a professional assasin!


  12. You tell her, Maggie. You are so brave to get as close as you did. I also love the action shot, it's perfect. Great camera work. I could hear all of the nature sounds in the video. Sounds like you live in a very nice place.


  13. Hi, Maggie.
    That turtle doesn't look happy. You were so brave to bark at her!
    20 baby turtles?? What are you going to do with them?
    Are you helping your mom with the wedding things?
    Have a nice weekend

  14. omdog, 20 babies is a LOT of babies to have!! that turtle sure is brave

  15. The turtle is EVIL Maggie, your instincts were right on!

    I'm scared of the little buggers too, sometimes they come up out of the Echo Park lake when I'm walking around... scares the pants off of me.


  16. Holy Cannoli, I woulda practically peed if that turtle came after me! Mom showed me this video of this big ole turtle chasing a couple of cats and I LOVED it of course.

  17. Maggie,

    First off - way to get some hang time! You look like you're floating in that photo.

    Second, I agree with Bogie. Turtles are in the same category as squirrels - evil life-sucking creatures that will rue the day they crossed your path. I bet old mama turtle will think twice before she enters your yard again.

    Way to go, girl! Give Mitch some good lovin'.


  18. maggie, you are soooooooo cute in that "wheeeeeeee" photo. you are flying!

    i bet you were asking mrs turtle to play with you!

    wet wet licks


  19. You certainly told Mrs Turtle who's boss... from a distance. Terrific action shot, sometimes one gets lucky, with the camera.


  20. Ooooo, I don't think I'd like Mrs Turtle much either! J x

  21. My flashplayer isn't working right now, so I will check the videos later. But, about those turtle eggs... are those for eating?

  22. Wow! I have never been that close to a turtle before. I imagine I would want it to play with me! I want everything to play with me!
    Ha roo and Hugs

  23. You're hilarious. That's probably what we would have done with the giant monster killer tutle too. When we watched your video, we barked too!

  24. The video with you & the MaMa turtle is very cute. I can just imagine how frustrated the Mama turtle was having to drop 20 kids off & U barking at her. hehehe...

    Way cool thou.

  25. I definitely think Mrs. Turtle looks grumpy.........don't trust her! I mean she keeps her house with her wherever she goes, so the cops could have a hard time tracking her down is she did do something bad at your house!

    Good job Maggie!


  26. That action shot is very impressive Maggie!!!! I'm so nominating that for Picture of the Month at DWB!