Monday, January 26, 2009

Miss Poodle Leg

Yes, I know! My brat of a brother called me Miss Poodle leg! He is one rude boy! If he had to go through surgery and knew what it involved, he wouldn't be calling me that! I'm all better now though and you can bearly see that my booboo mole ever existed!

But, I've discovered that having a Poodle leg is not that bad! It actually has its advantages! Now that my fur is shorter in my wrist area I can wear a watch and let mom and dad know that it's time to get their coats and hats and gloves on so that we can get going on our walkies!
And if I need to be more of a girlie and get dressed up for a special ocassion, I can rummage though mom's jewelry box and wear some of her pretty gold bangle bracelets and they'll be noticed because I'm less furry on my leggie!
Look at this pretty cloissone bracelet that I found! It's black with pretty flowers and it's quite striking! I really like this one! Buff likes it too! Mitch thinks that this buffalo stuffie is his but Buff likes me better because I'm not so rough on his body with my teethies!

Check out this unique bracelet that I found while I was snooping! Mom's great aunt gave her an antique sewing machine years ago before my sissy was even born and this lacy crocheted bracelet was in one of the drawers! It even has pretty embroidery on it and and button too! It's a PERFECT fit! It's ME, don't you think?!

Wait till Mitch sees it! I'm sure he'll be green with envy that he doesn't have a poodle leg too!

So what do you think, Mitch? Pretty snazzy, right? Do you still want to call me Miss Poodle leg?!

So until next time...................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Maggie, we think your poodle leggie makes a great fashion statement! We think Mitch is just jealous! Boyz just don't appreciate the finer things in life like wearing your mom's jewelry!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  2. i'm sure he's getting jealous that u gotta wear so many funky stuff

  3. Hi Maggie it's me Tess. I'm a poodle leg too. I didn't know we could wear jewelry. Too bad hardly has any to share with me.

    Your poodle legged twin
    Tess xx

  4. Maggie, your bling looks great. Nothing wrong with a poodle leg. I know several gals who have them. Mitch is just jealous.


  5. i bet he is green with envy now maggie.. hehe.. too bad he can't wear thoe ultra cool accessories you get to wear with your poodle leg...

    uh-oh.. do i see mitchy with a razor? BOL!

    drooly kisses,


  6., you are a watch dog now!


    Nice modeling session...yes, he's just jealous!


  7. Well, aren't you quite the little glamour-puss...I...I mean dog! Cool girlie stuff, Mitch is just jealous I reckon :o)
    Slobbers xx

  8. Maggie you are a real Lady !
    Kisses, Faya

  9. If Mitch is not Green with envy, I sure am, that is such great jewelry and you wear it oh so well. =)

  10. Good evening m & m.
    In the left arm, there are dozen possibilities.
    Of course, the bracelet and the clock are also beautiful.
    And, what of continuation is good?:D

    from loved ume tyan

  11. Maggie, you are so dear! We just love you!!!

    wags from the whippets

  12. Teka says she is jealous because she didn't thing of that when she had a poodle leg! You may start a new trend Miss Maggie. We are glad everything else is working out, but you will have to decide sometime soon whether you want to keep the poodle leg effect or let it grow out.

    Looking forward to that post

    gussie n teka

  13. You looks pretty with all your jewellery on. I bet Mitch is jealous. It's not so bad to have poodle leg, I sure poodles don't mind it. BOL!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  14. I will have to show your post to Clementine, Maggie, as she has a matching "poodle leg" right now as well from her overnight IV session. It's not as noticeable on her, though since she doesn't have thick, curly hair. But I'm pretty sure that it is NEVER going to grow back since she has that mange/immune deficiency thing. Oh well!

  15. Oh Lady had that poodle leg too , due to her operation that time .

  16. Maggsie!

    You can take even a negative comment from Mitch and turn it into a fashion sensation! We LOVE your attitude, chica! And, we think you accessorize so well. You know, our girl always says that accessories are the key to fashion!

    I'm with Gus. Can't wait to see what you decidde to do with the poodle leg at grooming time.

    Goober love & smooches,

  17. Wait... so if I'm getting this right...

    Jewelry is NOT for feasting? It's made for naked arms and legs?

    Geesh! Humans are a BIZARRE species!

  18. Hi Maggie! I think Mitch is definitely jealous! I love how you look in the antique bracelet and the dangly ones, too. And that picture of you with the watch should be in a magazine ad selling watches - it's great!

    Your pal,

  19. Ah Maggie, what a jewelry show you have done! Nice wrist, pretty girl.
    I adore you, muahhhhh!

  20. Maggie,
    You look adorable with your poodle leg! Mitchy is just jealous b/c he can't wear all those beautiful bracelets.

  21. Maybe you should get the other legs done to match.

    Simba x

  22. Aw Maggie! You are one little fuzzy fashionista! You are right..poodle legs rock!

    love & licks,

  23. Striking Maggie, I think you're setting a new fashion.

  24. Striking Maggie, I think you're setting a new fashion.

  25. Cool! Mom says I can't wear a watch because I'll always be telling her it's time to play fetch. She's a party pooper!

  26. Miss M:
    I do believe you have started the next fashion in doggy legs!!

  27. OMG! Maggie! Maggie!

    Who KNEW??????? OMG! You are SO SMART to have thought up all those advantages of a POODLE LEGGIE!!!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! When I had a poodle LEGGIE I did not think of all this!

    Mean OLD MITCH!!!!!!! You showed HIM!


    Putter ...:)

  28. Haha, it's not so bad being a Poodle-leg now, is it??? Jessie says she loves all the beautiful jewelry and wonders why she never had the idea after her wrist was shaved after her day in hospital in December :) :)

  29. Maggie
    What a fantastic fashion statement..that aiwepoodle cut is pawfect fow showing off those cool favowite is the cwo shay is sooo you!
    I think Mitchy wil be begging fow one befowe long
    smoochie kisses

  30. hi maggie!
    i think your poodle leg is a total fashion statement. everyone will have one soon and we will know where the style started!
    m & e

  31. Oh Maggie, you look fab-u-lous dawlink!! smooches from pooches,Miss BabyRocketDog & Hootie

  32. Hi Maggie
    You look marvelous all snazzed up. I can see why Mitch is so envious.
    Love Ruby

  33. we think that Mitch is totally jealous now that he sees you with all of your fancy bling. and we happen to be very fond of poodle legs. Brody thinks yours is sexy!


  34. I LOVE poodle legs! My cousin Scout has one...but he's a poodle. hehheh
    You look lovely, though!

  35. G'day Maggie (and mean Mitch),

    I had my teef cleaned a foow months ago, and they couldn't find a vein in one leg, so they ended up shaving bofth so I had 2 poodle legs. I think it gives you a dainty look that nicely offsets the bwacelet! Mum bought my diggew hat in Singapaw airport and thinks it's cute, but I find it hoomooliating. You'll hear mowe about my furpwise soon.

    xxx Asta (oz)

  36. I like all the bracelets, but that last one is something special. You are so lucky that you can wear them, Maggie. Now we know why poodles have that kind of haircut.

    You look lovely. We're glad to see that you are feeling well, too.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  37. I think the Poodle Leg look is very becoming! You're the only dog I know that can wear hooman jewelry and really look good in them.

  38. Hi, Maggie!
    You are right!
    All those bracelets look great in your leg!
    I like the idea of the watch! I am going to see if I can find one in my mom's box so I will tell her about the time for walkies!
    Have fun
    Kisses and hugs

  39. Maggie...I'm makin' a stylin' appointment with my groomer this minute to shave one of my wrists into that enchantin' poodle style!!! Oh my...I sooooo can't wait to are the classiest Dale I know...

    Just wait, Maggie...all dogs are gonna be sportin' the chic look...Mitchie will be soooo jelly!!!!!

    Love and kisses...Laciegirl

  40. You are quite the jewelry model Maggie! I am sure that you will start a new fashion for dogs.

    Your friend,

  41. Oh Maggie, I LOVE your poodle leg! Your bracelets are just lovely and you made me smile lots with your beautiful pictures. :)


  42. Oh, Maggie, your poodle leg is cute! You look so pretty with your watch and bracelets. I am sure your Mommy and Daddy appreciate you being able to tell them what time it is.

    Teddy Bear

  43. Good Afternoon Miss Maggie & young Mitch.

    In recognition of your support, I am passing on my very first award to you both.
    There is a tag attached mind you.


  44. You look marvelous in your bling Maggie. Mitch will be begging to get his legs shaved now.
    Abby & Rosie

  45. Hey Maggie! I think you look VERY cute! And about that first picture -- does that mean you're a watch dog? Hee hee hee!

  46. Hey Maggie, I say "poodle leg, doodle leg, you gotta good leg!"

    You are so pretty with your watch on, how did you learn to tell the time I wondered?

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxx

  47. Oh Maggie,
    Who else but a really diva would know the best accessories to wear with a hairless leg. You have the knowledge of the ages to be able to put together ensembles from your negative.

  48. You look snazzy, and Mitch needs to can the name calling! :)

  49. I think you have a nice Poodle leg! Maybe you could shave the other side too so that it matches. Hehe!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  50. hey hey maggie... a poodley leg is an ok thing!!! when i had my "surgery they did that on one leg...and being Ms Blue the Bitch....i took out the needle.... so they made another poodley leg on the other side! I was very well balanced after that. My humom almost didn't recognize me when she went to pick me about so shocked she couldn't think of anything to say except....Beeza is that you??? they made you a poodle?'s all grown out now so eat lots of good food and continue to accessorize!!! Ms. Blue the mother of theBUSTER & ms Persephone

  51. Maggie you look absolutely fabulous with all your jewellery, it certainly is a fashion statement. Perhaps you could find a nice gentleman's watch for Mitch and then he will see how good it is to accesorise?

    Molly and Taffy

  52. oh how RUDE...i would hate if someone called me that. when i got spayed and i had a HUGE scar w/ stiches all over my belly mom called me...oh,she yelled at me and told me not to DARE say what she called me...oh well.
    anyway...get better soon

  53. You sure look how to make a poodle-leg look good, Maggie!

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  54. Maggie, I think you've started a trend. You look so pretty with those bracelets on. I think all girldoggies should have their wrists shaved and wear their mom's best jewellery! And boydoggies could wear those wide leather straps! You're definitely a fashionista!!

    Stop by my blog when you have a minute. I have a couple of awards for you and Mitch.


  55. We heard that your mom fell on the ice, and we hope she is okay!!! Our servant has to hold Very Old Dog up to pee and poop and it sounds like the End of the World out there. Trees are dropping like flies.

    weather weary wags from the whippets

  56. Maggie....I bet Mitch is jealous fer sure....the way he's lookin' at yer bracelet, he's wishin' he had two poodle legs so he had room ta wear all of those bobbles 'n bangles at once....'n wouldn't he look silly if he did????

    Dewey Dewster here....

  57. Those are really nice accessories! You look lovely, Maggie, with or without poodle leg!

  58. Maggie! oh us black beauties love your bangles and not too many doggies can pull off poodle legs when their not even a poodle Mitch are you kinda jealous? Hey ya'll had snow! we have never had any and mommy wishes ya'll could teach her how to knit by pattern wish we lived closer. Congrats on your winnings and how cool to bring the beach inside, we keep asking daddy to pitch the tent inside so we can camp since we got kicked out of the upstairs room that has our loungy beds. Oh and sorry ya didn't get any of the pastries golly they looked drooly.

    Lots of love licks

  59. Hi Maggie and Mitch...I don't think your poodle leg looks that bad-you got to wear really pretty things!!! and Mitch gets jealous!!!


  60. Miss Maggie, you ALWAYS look gorgeous no matter what!!! I had a poodle paw way back when I had to have foxtails removed, so I remember... but I never got to look as spiffy as you!


  61. Hi cuties!
    I was just thinking how much fun it would be for you pups to have a snakie like mine- to play tug of war with!

  62. I like your poodle leg! Don't listen to him haha.
    I hope your leg won't be cold though!

  63. Maggie and Mitch, I will definitely save you some pizza bones!

    Teddy Bear

  64. It sure is pawsome that you can wear all sorts of accessories on your poodle leg. ;)

    ~ Bae

  65. Seriously, Mitch could get a fancy watch like James Bond or even cool thing that shoots stuff like batman. He doesn't know what he is missing.