Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh No!

Everything has been going along just great! I'm taking my meds like a good girl after mom swipes them through the peanut butter! Mitch is being very considerate of me and he is actually listening to mom and dad when they tell him to stop jambing toys into Maggie's face! Dad even shared ice cream with us for New Year's eve last night!

This morning when mom was combing me she noticed this and freaked! Yes, I did scratch my surgery area but I didn't scratch the stitches! I was careful to go around them but she saw 3 claw marks on my face and told me that I had to wear the soft e-collar! OH NO!
I can't believe that mom could be so cruel! I purposely bump into her so she notices how bummed I am and takes this dumb thing off!
See my tail? When it's curled around my hiney like this it means that I'm am not a happy girl at all! I'm just miserable! I walk around and I just can't get comfy at all!
Please mom! Won't you please take this thing off? I'm begging you! I promise not to scratch anymore!

My new year is sure not off to a great start!

Happy New Year to everyone else but ME!




  1. hope the e collar is off you in no time !!

  2. Oh no is right!!!! OK, maybe you can just go back to following your Mom around all the time so she can watch you???? Just a few days maybe??? It will get better, I promise.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. Poor Maggie. I think the clear plastic collar is better because you can see where you are going. Plus it hurts more when you ram Mitch with it.

    I hope your boo-boos heal soon.


  4. Hope you get better soon and get the collar off! I hate those things....

  5. Oh the dreaded satellite dish on your head Maggie. I am so sorry. Hope your mom takes it off soon. Don't scratch!

    Your friend,

  6. Maggie,

    Dis iz Waldo. I did not wike my ecollar, eever. Mommee sayz it iz fur my own gud, but I no beweev hur.

    Wen woo getz betturz, she no put it on woo no morez. So getz betturz!


  7. Oh no Maggie! The collar is for the best. Once you are all better it will be gone and you won't even remember it. I know it's hard.

    When I got spayed, I had to wear one. They only put it one me one time and the second that it was on I placed my head on the floor and would not move. BOL!

    Keep getting better friend!


  8. Hi Maggie, Its not too bad really. This will just mean that your new year can only get better.

    Heal up soon, Maggie.


  9. Ohhh noooo the collar! how awful! Tesla the kitten had to wear one a few times, and every time she jumped on something she'd bounce right back off! hahahahahhahaha its much funnier on a cat!

  10. Happy New Year maggie, Mitch and Mom.

    Oh Maggie! We are sending you lots of hugs. Your momma is just taking good care of you. Don't worry, you are such a fast healer that you will not have to wear that collar for very long.

    We love you!
    m & e

  11. I'm sure your fast-dale powers will heal in no time!

    The sad face works on me...but then again, I'm a khanine!

    YUM! Ice Khream!


  12. Maggie you poor thing. Those e-collars are no fun. Callie had to wear one but hers was not soft.. Mom is just looking out for you..
    Happy New Year to you too..
    We don't think that armadillo's are mean but they are known to carry rabies so we are staying far far away...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  13. oh dear oh dear oh dear, the dreaded collar When I had it on I became a statue and when Arch had it he went nuts trying to get it off....Keep eating your ice cream and hope thaat it will soon be off... oh dear dear dear...Love and super fast acting healing kisses A+A

  14. Happy New Year Maggoe, Mitch and your Mommy & Daddy!!

    I am so bad. I just found out about your surgery. What kind of friend am I that I haven't been by to visot with you guys but I blame it all on the Mommy. Please forgive me.

    We had a wonderful time with the Dachsies at Christmas but I was naughty and the Mommy was very ashamed of me. Looks you had a pawsome Christmas to.

    Here's hoping you have a lovey day. We had a very scary start to 2009. The Mommy is gonna blog about it tonight.

    Sonce ya got some snow can you send the some pictures of you playing in the snow?

    kisses and huggies....Mona & the Mommy too!!

  15. Oh, Maggie! You poor thing! Maybe if you PROMISE your mom not to scratch and give her the sad eyes, she'll take that monstrosity off of you! :(
    This is no way to break in the New Year!

  16. Oh, poor poor Maggie! It makes me sad just to see you in that awful torture device - I mean e-collar. I hope your boo boo heals fast so you won't have to wear it much longer.

    Your friend,

  17. Poor Poor Maggie! You know momma does it for your own good because she loves you so much.

    Feel better soon and stop scratching!

    Happy New Year!!!!!

  18. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie! It's going to be itchy as it heals. Just be glad your mom isn't making you wear the plastic lampshade! And no more scratching! Don't worry...your 2009 will get much better!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  19. pooooorrrr Maggie. when we saw your tail like that, we knew it was serious sad times. we don't like to see you in such misery. try to talk your mom into putting socks on you so you can't scratch yourself. maybe she can have you wear a protective scarf around your face. there has to be some way for you to not wear that miserable cone head. pooor poooor Maggie.


  20. Poor Maggie..... Ok, maybe week 2 of 2009 will be better.
    Kisses, Faya

  21. Maggie...
    Bless your heart!! I pray you heal super-duper fast!!

  22. Oh Miss Maggie... I was afraid that would happen. Those things are EVIL, pure EVIL. Mama reminded me that when I had my foxtails removed from my toes I had to wear SOCKS, which was almost as awful. If I took off my socks I was going to have to wear an e-collar. So maybe a sock (well, ok, maybe NOT a sock but something tied around your head) might work?

    Been thinking about you :)

    Much Aire Zen & Big Aire Kisses to you, and a big Happy New Yaire to Mitch and the family!


  23. Maggie,

    We are so sorry your new year is off to such a rough start. Maybe if you look really really sad, your people will feel bad and at least give you more treats (maybe even the great pizzas they eat!!).

    Once your booboo is better, we hope your 2009 turns out to be amazing!
    Comet and BLU

  24. Oh No!!! We haven't been visiting(since Mom has been poorly) and we come here to see you had splurgery!!!! Oh Maggie, we are so happy it went well. Now, listen, I know that thing is a real pain, but really it is lots better than the hard plastic cones. And if you bust open your incision, they'll have to start all over again!!! So please,please try to put up with it for just a little while so you can heal all up, ok??
    We love you (and Mitchy too)
    Happy New Year

  25. Oh, Maggie, that's so sad. But your mom wants you to heal and not get an infection. So hang on, it won't be forever!

  26. Oh NO! E-collar torture!! we are sorry :(

  27. Sorry to hear you having to do dat torture stuff but we hopes you will get better real soon. We also hope you all have a wonderfurr New Year!

  28. Oh no Maggie! We hope the collar will come off again in no time at all :( Maybe if you keep looking miserable your Mom will have compassion on you.

  29. Poor Maggie, you do look unhappy and miserable, and we are so sorry. We know your mom just wants to make sure that you don't get the stitches pulled loose or infected, so try to bear the collar with dignity and grace, OK?


  30. Gee Maggie...

    YA look pretty pathetic there with her leg shaved 'n yer "E" collar.....geez, I hate those things.....musta been designed by Dracula or some werewolf or someone inta canine torture....hope ya feel better soon and that Mitch learns that yer just a bit under the weather right now 'n ya need a bit if space......

    Happy New Year Maggie and Mitch !!!!
    Hope ya have a great 2009....

    Dewey Dewster here....

  31. Sometimes what's good for us is really horrible! I hope it comes off soon and your year gets better!

    love & wags,

  32. w00f;s M and M, me sooo sorry maggie...u shooodnt haff lefted any no blood or scratch maarks...hopefully u wont haff to wear it fur long...

    b safe,

  33. Awww Maggie,
    Try not to scratch the booboo. I know the collar is annoying but it will help you stay well.
    Happy New Year to you all.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  34. I just found out about your surgery, too. I'm glad you got it over with at least, but that collar's just goes with the territory. Mom puts it on us and doesn't care how silly we look. She'll even laugh if we get our face down and we look like a lampshade's on our heads. She's so mean...

    Get well soon,

  35. Oh, poor Maggie! Ozzie can sympathize with you about that terrible cone. He knows all about that! We sure hope that your boo boo gets well soon so that you can get rid of that thing! Hope that you all have a Happy New Year!
    Ozzie & Rocky

  36. Me's SO sorry you have to be a cone head. All moomies get mean like that sometimes. It must be for your own good to wear that thing but that doesn't help to know that, does it. My moomie says things will get better soon when me's not happy. Let's hope it's true for you.


  37. Hi, Maggie
    I am sorry you have to wear the collar but I know is for your own good!
    Please be careful!
    Kisses and hugs

  38. Oh Maggie...we didn't know you had surgery? And besides ur tooth, what kinda surgery did you have??? Boo boo??? What did you do Maggie???

    Oh you need us to come and nurse ya? Asta and I can be there shortly...we'll gettin' ya rehydrated with smoothies so you'll not pick at ur stitches and can get rid of that nasty lampshade, you poor girl!!!!

    Let us know if you need some help...I can bring Scruffy along to play some poker with Mitch, kay???

    Love and healin' kissies...

    Laciegirl XXOOXXOO

  39. Oh Maggie, you have to wear the lampshade? Looking at your shaved side of head made me leaked!
    Let me kiss it to help it heals quicker!
    Happy New Year to Maggie and Mitch.
    You year 2009 will be a better one!

  40. Sweet Maggsie!

    I could tell by the curve of your tail that you were bummin'. My girl says it's for your own good, but we sympathize with you girlie!

    We noticed in your last post that you've been getting the royal treatment, except for the e-collar torture. We're sending you big juicy goober smooches to help you heal, and please share some with Mitch for being less of a PIA, and some with your sweet mama for taking such good care of you, and with your dad for sharing his ice cream!

    Whew! Get some rest, sistah! Can't wait to see you without the collar!

    Goober love & smooches,

  41. Oh.. you sure dont look happy there. I'm sure it'll be off very soon Maggie. Be patient

    ~ Bae

  42. Dearest Maggie

    I love you whether you have the stupid lampshade on or not.

    Precious one.

    Hope your lampshade is lifted very soon.........and hope you feel better soon too!

    thinking of you, and barking for you.

    Marvin xxxxx

  43. Oh Maggie - I can relate - Ma made me wear one too when I had a boo boo and I got it off by driving her crazy. I wouldn't lay down or sit for hours - I just stood there and stared into a corner - she finally gave in. Psst... try it!

  44. Don't worry, Maggie. We Airedales heal really fast.

  45. Awwwww, you poor thing!!!! I'll see if I can find an article for you to show your Mom that says e-collars make you heal slower. I'm sure there's one out there somewhere!