Saturday, January 9, 2010

Acceptable Yummies

Mom and I have been doing a lot of reading and research for my compromised kidneys and we're discovering that I'm not going to starve to death!
I love veges and there are LOTS of veges that I can have!And I can have fruit and this all sounds pretty good to me!And Elaine told mom that I can have Nilla Wafers! I've never had these before!
These are hooman cookies!
Mom says that she's sure that Elaine meant that dad can share a bite of a cookie with me, not the whole box! Are you sure, mom?
And ice cream is not acceptable but they didn't say anything about sherbet! Sherbet is not dairy, right, mom?
Mom says she'll be checking on that one for me!
And I can't have peanut butter and cheese any more but I can have cream cheese!
Things are starting to look up for me!
Back to the research!

So until next time................

Love ya lots,



  1. We are big fans of fruit and veggies over here. We love banana, apple, carrot, zucchini, mango, watermelon...all of them!
    We don't really get any packet stuff, mainly because our pinkies never have packet stuff either. So we know you are going to survive without it!
    Great grandma used to say, if it doesn't come straight from a tree or farm, don't eat it!

  2. Hmm.. Veggies... Mom has tried to get me to eat those, never really gotten into them. Watch out for the broccoli, though - makes you jet-propelled!! Celery & cream cheese - now maybe I COULD get into that!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  3. I'm glad to hear this good news. Sounds like some good research is happening. If you ever get the time to post the sources of your research, I'd be interested.

  4. We all love veggies, especially carrots and pumpkin. And it's so good for us.

    Our Mom is wondering where to get that watermelon sherbet. She loves watermelon and sherbet so she is imagining how wonderful that would be.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  5. Glad you guys are finding healthy choices that taste yummy.
    Woofs and Wags,

  6. Yay for new snacks! Hope your mom makes you some doggy-safe cheesecake soon. Mmm.

  7. woooohoooo, maggie..try italian ices! Your mama can make them easy if you have a blender. Even our Muzzer can make them. Don't need to follow the hooman recipe, which usually has lots of sugar..just wing it and throw it in the freezer! Me like the cranberry kind.

    Teka Toy

  8. Maggie, we sure are glad to know that you won't be starving! We love veggies and fruits! We will only eat our carrots cooked, though and banana HAS to have peanut butter on it. Otherwise, it ends up on the living room carpet!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  9. Oh what a relief. I did worry that you would starve to death for sure.

    Those are all most nommy treats.


  10. Since Wilfs kidenys have been a problem we've found that porridge,Ryvita, rice cakes,and cottage cheese worka treat.

  11. Hey M and M
    I love veggies and fruit. Sometimes mom goes to the grocery store instead of the pet store for my treats. You might wanna try this as a substitute for ice cream. I get either apple sauce cups or del monte fruit chillers (it's like a sorbet of raspberries) also found in little cups then mom freezes them for me. It's my frozen snack. Or she will make ice cube trays.. fill with water at a piece of fruit in the middle, drizzle with honey then freeze.

  12. I think woo are onto lots of YUMMIES!

    How khool woo khan have those treats!


  13. We knew you wouldn't starve to death!
    That looked like lots of yummy food to us.
    Enjoy and look after those kidneys.
    Martha & bailey xxx

  14. Those look like some pretty acceptable options to me!! My mom doesn't give me too much outside my regular Blue Buffalo, except for some plain yogurt. She'll have to look at your ideas to come up with better snacks for me!

  15. woah things are looking up for sure have to say that watermelon sherbet looks pretty scrummy

  16. See Maggie it isn't so bad. Looks like lots of yummy stuff to us...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  17. You got some yummy stuff over there.
    Benny & Lily

  18. Thank goodness you aren't going to starve Maggie, we were most worried about you.

    We love raw carrots. I like to have a good chew on a nice big juicy carrot, Taffy likes his sliced lengthways and Monty seems to think they taste better after being tossed around the room for half an hour!


  19. It sounds like there are lots of tasty things you can still eat and enjoy Maggie. :-) xx

  20. Hi Maggie

    Great to see that there are still lots of yummy foods you can eat!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  21. It sounds like you're going to have lots of good things to eat. Tsar says cream cheese is the best. He has it every morning.

  22. No way will you starve to death. Pardon me as I drool all over your blog. I'm sorry for the cause of the diet, but oh-boy, I love everything your doctor/family/friends prescribed. I can't stand kibble. (Mom, did you read this?)

  23. Those 'Nilla wafers look mighty yummy. You could sprinkle some on top of the sherbert!

  24. Molly, Taffy and Monty's tip about carrots is a good one. Penny loves to chew on a carrot, too. If I want her to get more nourishment out of it, I sometimes juice carrots in a masticating juicer (I use the Champion Juicer, which I think comes from the US) and then put the mashed carrot back in with the juice. My understanding is that dogs can't make the best use of the nourishment in fruit and vegetables unless the cell walls of the food have been broken down, which this type of juicer does. I think lightly cooking does it also, but I prefer to feed raw as much as possible.

    By the way, thanks for coming over to my blog to give me the info about the kidney health site.

  25. Oh no! NO ice cream!!! Hopefully sherbert will be allowed, I LOVE nilla wafers, my mom keeps little pretzels around alot so sometimes I get one here and there. I love fruits and veggies too.

    Maybe there are some biscuits that your mom can make with smushed up veggies in them, like squash or sweet potato. Mom is going to check on that for me. She has a cookbook by Jerry Seinfelds wife and she puts smushed veggies in her dishes and the kids dont even know it. Kim does it for the kids and it tastes good. So Mom thought that there was be a way to make it some doggie bsicuits with veggies for me.
    glad to know you wont starve to death


  26. Hi Maggie and Mitch,

    Mommy says you eat better then she does! What a beautiful salad. You'll be in good shape in no time!

    Glad you're getting better.

    Riley and Star.

  27. I like Mitch's diet! All wonderful foods and even a Nilla Wafer!!! Wonderful healing foods for a sweet boy.... we send lots of hugs to you all xoxoxo (hoping to be able to blog regularly soon, my laptop is still under repair...)

  28. Yea! Snacking is SO important!
    Play bows,

  29. Well, looks like all the other pooches have just about covered it.

    So to review: for kidney health Protein=Bad

    Frozen Fruit Treats=Good
    Ice Cream=Bad

    PeanutButter/Cottage Cheese=Bad
    Cream Cheese=Good

    Not too bad my friend!

  30. Hi Maggie
    I love brocki. I get it every nite. And fruit too.
    I am so happy that your mama found you some yummy food to eat.
    I love cream cheese.
    Nitey nite

  31. Hi, Maggie!
    All those yummies look pretty good!
    Glad there are lots of delicious things you can eat so you will not starve!
    Kisses and hugs

  32. I think those treats more than make up.:) They all look delicious...even the veggies. I hope you enjoy.:)

    Teddy Bear

  33. Miam miam.......nice diet !

  34. WOW! I have never even tasted most of the things on your new snackie diet Maggs! Maybe I can convince mom to get some of those dellishuz items!

  35. no more cheese or dairy -- boo to the hoo. but your replacement foodies sound good! i know, i'll get cheese for you! how's that??


  36. Maggie, can you have Frosty Paws? Mom bought them at the supermarket down here and they're dog-safe ice cream. Mica has kidney problems too and is on a special prescription food and the good news is—his kidneys looked fine on his last round of blood work in October. Glad you like fruit and vegetables. Me? I used to like baby carrots but not any more...

    Your pal,


  37. Maybe you can convert Mitch to some of your new tasty treats too! Nilla wafers are really good, Maggie. Good luck.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  38. Thank dog you have some alternatives, I was beginning to worry about you!! I can't imagine you wasting away to nothing!

  39. Doesn't sound too bad...but how does the cream cheese make the cut??


  40. We're sure that your mommee will find lots of delicious nummies for woo!

    gus and Waldo

  41. Mitch,
    Tell your Mommy to go to the Canine Kidney website. That is where my Mommy got the recipe that turned into the toggen recipe for me. Mommy made this recipe for my sister and me. Sylvie had kidney disease, and I do too. I love ir, well at least I did before I got sick. Also, the toggen recipe that Mommy posted before Christmas is a great treat for kidney disease, and they are soo yummy.

  42. Mommy wants to send y'all some cookies. Could y'all send me your snail mail address? Just remember, Kidney disease is not a death sentance. It can be controled, and Mack has been living with it for three years without any complications. He loves the toggens, well when he didn't have a tumor.
    Sally Ann

  43. We had some baby spinach yesterday with no dressing on it. Not the best but not too bad.
    Alanis (I ate it because he ate it)
    Miro (I ate it because I saw her get some.)

  44. Ooh...all those yummy foods! Cream cheese is definitely delicious! *grins*


  45. Maggie. You are such a good sport with such a good attitude. And what a healthy eater you are going to become. We should ALL follow your example.

    Off to eat a carrot. Yum! Truly YUM!!!
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  46. As you know, my mom works at a vet clinic and deals with kidney problems all the time. She says that the commercial prescription diets are really poor quality foods. They meet the nutritional and therapeutic standards, but the ingredients are crappy. Some docs are starting to look at quality of protein as well as quantity of protein. It really is your best bet to make your own high quality food. If you do need a commercial diet, Royal Canin's prescription foods are the best. Hills has gotten pretty bad.

  47. Maggie,
    That sounds like delicious research! I love fruits and veggies, too! Whenever mama bakes me things, she uses cream cheese and honey to make the frosting! I've had Nilla Wafers and they are divine!! Hmm... that watermelon sherbert looks really good, too!!

  48. Sue you are doing a great job for Maggie!!!!!!
    When Tiger had kidney problems I did what you are doing. It inproved all of are diets. And then Amanda. I kept her alive for over a year after the vet says put her down! She had a good year too!!
    Big kisses for the pups, Bambi and Fern

  49. Mmmmmmmm, healthy choices!!!! My cousin Benny LOVES fruits and veggies!!! I like anything!


  50. oh great! I like veggies and fruits. They are good for everyone! Can you have plain fat-free yogurt? or all dairy products are no-no? Mom let me choose between vanilla ice cream and plane fat free yogurt..I pick yogurt everytime!


  51. Man, I know about allergies and what I can and cannot eat. So far, Fiona is allergy free, but for me....I have to eat raw food patties and ORIGEN dog food - salmon. NO GRAIN whatsoever. So tell me all about WHY you can have nilla wafers!


    ..Fiona says "arrroooooos!"

  52. Thank goodness your mom has found all those goodies for you. I hope it makes up for no cheese. Your mom would never let you starve Maggie!!!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  53. Mama says Nilla wafers are the best!

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  54. Holy cow Maggie! We're sorry we missed your kidney adventures. We are sending you healing healthy kidney thoughts, and Nanook is crazy jealous of your food. Like, Crazy Jealous. He's muttering about hitchhiking north to find your family, who will "actually love me and treat me the way I deserve" he says.

    Lotsa licks,

    Nanook and Pooka