Saturday, July 21, 2007

Biker Mitch

Look what dad bought me! A REAL leather motorcycle jacket! Am I a big boy now or what?! Check out the back! It's the official logo for Harley Davidson!
It even has a zippered pocket so I can travel with treats just in case I get hungry! What do you think Maggie? Aren't I stylin' in this jacket? Now you won't be mortified come this winter to see me looking all schleppy!

Mom tried to take a picture of me with sunglasses on but I was being MOST uncooperative! I didn't want those nasty looking things on my face. She finally wore me out and this was the best that she could come up with! Sorry that the picture is so light. She did try her very best. It's all my fault! I'm sorry mom!I was thinkin' why do you suppose dad bought me this jacket? My birthday isn't for another few months and I certainly won't be old enough to drive a motorcycle. Maybe he's thinking of one for himself with a sidecar for me?
Whoa! Check this one out! I really like this one - your basic black - the seat looks very cushy - yup, I can sure see myself riding in this sidecar alongside dad - tooling down those country roads!

OMG this one is a winner! I can tell you already that this would be dad's first choice! Look at that cool Indian!!! Dad is bigtime into Indians! What do you think dad? It's this the bike for us or what? Whoooooooohoooooooooo feel that breeze on our faces! That wind is whipping back my little boy beard! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh - this is Heaven!

I'm going to keep on dreaming and maybe one day we'll see why dad bought this Harley jacket for me! There's just got to be a reason, right?

Until the next time that Maggie lets me post...................

Love ya lots,



  1. Hey Mitch, you're looking good in that jacket, Dude! Yep, I think you and your dad need a bike, and Maggie and her mom need a stylish convertible.
    Big Wags,

  2. Hey Mitch,
    I like the way you look in your leather jacket. Very cool and suave looking eh? :)

  3. OMG Mitch!

    What a super duper coolest jacket! You are one luckiest BOY!

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  4. Dare I say it Mitch, but you look badass in that smokin' Harley jacket...

    My mom got her motorcycle license and wants to get a sidecar for me to ride in too!!! She wants an Ural...

    Maybe someday we can all ride together!!! In the meantime, you're lookin' good my friend...


    PS - love to Miss Maggie!!!!

  5. Ohh Mitch.. you are looking very handsome in that leather coat!!!

  6. Oooo, you look supercool, Mitch! Born to be wild! J x

  7. Oh Mitch, you look rockin! Dad definitely needs to buy a bike with sidecar now!

    Oscar x

  8. Maggie -

    You better check him for tats and piercings - he's walking on the "WILD"side.....

  9. Mitch you just look great ! You will be a rock star or a movie star...
    Kiss, Faya

  10. Mitch, you ridin' on Injuns? Cool dude! Ya know, the new ones cost as much as a Beemer Z4--kinda takes the terrier street-thug allure out of it, but wow, what a bike!

    Your jacket is worthy of Brando! Luv it!

    Buster & Sephie

  11. Maggie, that was nice of you to let Mitch guest blog. I was wondering if Mitch took over the blog at first!

    Cool jacket Mitch! I think your dad is gonna get a Harley. You'll look really cool in the seat next to him!

  12. Hi, Mitch.
    Your rock with that leather jacket! Maybe your dream will come true and soon you will have that motorcycle! I hope so!
    Have a good night

  13. WOW WEEEEEE Very cool Mitch! We have a Harley Dealership not too far from us, mom buys stuff from there now and then, maybe she'll buy me something!!

  14. Mitch - You are THE rockin' guy!! Love the cool jacket :) We'll be looking forward to seeing you on that motorcycle..(hint hint to dad!)


  15. Mitch
    You look dweamy in that leather motorcycle jacket..maybe you and I can wide on my pwetend Vespa till you get your Daddy to but the big motowcycle with the sidecar..OK? I think we'd make a gweat looking pair.
    Never give up your dweams my sweetie
    smoochie kisses

  16. Duuuuude! Awesome! Now I know what I want Mom to get me to wear next. I want a cool jacket like yours!


  17. that jacket is so kewl!

    does Maggie have a bad girl biker outfit too??

    hope you get your bike soon too.. I won't stop dreaming about it!


  18. Mitch!

    You are too bad for words! If you wear that to the dog park the other dogs will think twice before messing with you, man.

    I second Bogart's comment. You don't just look bad, but badass. Get ready for all the pupgirls to start sniffing in your direction. They all love a bad boy!

    Goober love (give a hug to Mags),

  19. Pee Ess,

    I'm throwing down the gauntlet here to both Maggie & Mitch. I think the reason you have not yet entered your ice cream eating photos into the Airechick's contest is because you are intimidated by MY ice cream photo. I think you can top it, if you're both DOG enough (Does that sound challenging enough, guys? I know you're dog enough, but get your booties over there and enter before Asta & I scoop up all the prizes)!

    Goob love,

  20. Mitch, you are so handsome in that motorcycle jacket! OMG! We are jealous.

  21. Mitch, you are so handsome in your jacket. If you weren't younger than me, I'd be all over you. but I am a Boston Terrier, not a cougar.

    ♥ Saidie

  22. I'm just gonna come out and say are SO HOT in that jacket! I really have a thing for biker dudes ;)

    No, really, you look great. That would be so cool if your Dad bought one of those bikes!

    Puggy kisses

  23. Mitch, I have to agree with by BFF are super HOTTTT!!! I would go riding with you any day!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  24. Wow.. Mitch!!.. u are one super cool dude!!... Maggie must be very jeolous now, huh.. oh, i dun like bike, my daddy got one and i hated the sound..noisy noisy...

    Golden Rossi

  25. Mitch, you rock, guy in that cool jacket. I can just see you with your ears flapping in the breeze!
    You would have a great time in that sidecar!
    Whoofs & Baroos,
    Eddie & Peaches

  26. wow!! u looks so cool...remind me of d recent john trovolta movie 'wild hogs'

  27. Very handsome Mitch!

    Lots of Licks,
    Nugget, Stewy & Ozzy too!

  28. Woh Mitch, you look so cool in your jacket. Will you bring me for a ride in your bike??

    ~ girl girl

  29. Hi Mitch,
    You look totally cool in your Harley jacket! Very soon all the girls will be drooling all over you and clamouring for the chance to go for a ride with you on your Harley!

  30. Dear wee Mitch, they are lovely lovely pics of you in your biker outfit, and the bikes look so cooooool just like you.

    love and biker licks, from Marvin xxxxx

    ooooh and love to sweet Maggie as well of course!

  31. woo hoo mitchie, you are one sharp doggie. Almost as cute as Oscar in his cowboy outfit! I vote for the big black monter thingy! You can never go wrong with basic black!

  32. The jacket of the motorcycle is good-looking.

    The sidecar of the Harley is a yearning.
    The running scene is the enjoyment. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  33. Whoa how cool do you look Mitch WoW

    Scrappy and Pebbles

  34. That jacket is way cool Mitch. I had a collar & lead set before but I've since chewed the collar up.

    I'm glad you like the outfit.

  35. Hi Mitch,
    this is as rocker as it can gets!
    You can now officially join the WILD HOGS team!
    Or maybe you can form your own WILD DALES!


  36. Boy Mitch, you sure do look quite manly in that leather jacket! That is something I don't think I would mind putting on... you know, if it gets me the ladys and all :)


  37. ohhhh..Mitch, you look soo handsome in that jacket. Hope to see you on that motorcycle one day! or you can ask your daddy to get you a bike (bicycle, that is)trailer like mine.:P It won't be as cool but just as much fun!


  38. Hi Mitch!

    We just LOVE your biker gear! You look so cool! I hope it means what you think it means! That would be so amazing!
    (We'll be wishing for you!!)

    --Winnie :-)

  39. Whoa--you look like one tuff dude, Mitch! My ma ape has always thought I would look dashing in a sidecar with doggles. And I think it would be even better with an AirePilot!


  40. Wow, you are super extra cool in that jacket!