Friday, July 13, 2007

Smile for the Camera and Thanks

Huskee Boy tagged me to show off my pearly whites! I have no problem doing this seeing as I do it all the time well, lots of the time!

I smile when I'm in the kitchen and mom is preparing a meal and I know that something yummy will come my way!

And I can smile when I"m playing with Mitch MOST of the time - when he's not stealing my toys and teasing me with them and then running off! Look at that little goof playing peek-a-boo!

This is my Sunshade smile! Mom says there's a picture of Sunshade floating around on her blog somewhere and this picture of me reminds her of Miss Sunshade - it's something in the eyes!So now I'm going to tag Putter, and Avery and Sunshade and Jaffa! Show us your famous smiles!

Our mailman was right on time again today! Mom and I both got a pressie from Reina! The package was addressed to both me and Mitch. Thank you, Reina - Mitch feels so special that you put his name on the outside of the package!

Check out the treats that Reina sent. I can't read the label - only the bow wow part so we know they're for dogs and not mom - but they sure do smell good and I can't wait to cut the top off the package and dig in!
Reina also sent me this beautiful polka dot summer collar! Is this my best side? Doesn't it compliment my fur nicely! Thank you so much! You have lovely taste!
Reina also sent a leash to match!
Pretty soon I'm going to need my own closet just for my collar collection!
Reina and her family also sent mom a gift. It's a beautiful little floral sewing kit that you carry in your purse just in case you lose a button while you're out. There are safety pins in there and little tiny sissors and thread and all sorts of useful sewing things! It's just so cute! Thank you so much! Mom just loves it and will use it for sure! You couldn't have chosen a more perfect gift!
Reina also sent a beautiful card. It's says, "Hello Maggie! Happy Barkday! I want to wish your mom a very happy birthday too! (Thank you so much Miss Reina, mom totally appreciates this!) I got you a polka dot collar and leash and I really hope you will like it!(I do, I do, I love it!)
You can share the treats with Mitch maybe (if he's a good boy! hehehehe) (So far he's being good Reina!) I also got your wonderful mum a pressie! The little box that's all wrapped up! Hope you will enjoy this special day! Lots of Love, Reina and family

Thank you soooooo much Reina. I love your signature on the right side of my card. You draw so well for just a wee girl and you have the neatest handwriting!

This has been some special birthday! I just can't believe I've gotten so many pressies! Thank you so much!

Until next time..............

Love ya lots,



  1. Hi Maggie...That's some great smiles. You do such a good job of posing for the camera.

    And more presents!! What a lucky dog....Enjoy

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

  2. Woo Maggie (and Mitch). We are tagging you with a fun new game. check out our blog for more info :)
    Sitka and Tia

  3. You really do have the bestest smile Maggie and more prezzies! WOW!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. I LOVE the collar, Maggie :) How sweet of little miss Reina to send you barkday pressies! Don't we have the bestest friends ever?

    Puggy kisses

  5. Hi Maggie!

    Neatest! Thanks for the tag! I am gonna go get the camera now and then I am gonna start smiling!!!! :))))

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  6. Hi Maggie!
    Wow! It's so great that you have a whole birthday WEEK!!!! Very cool!
    And what a pretty smile! You should enter a beauty contest!

    --Winnie :-)

  7. Hi, Maggie.
    Sure you have a great smile!
    Reina and her mom are so nice sending you and your mom presents!
    Enjoy them!
    Have a good night

  8. Oh MaGGie, I like tha sunshade's smile !! You are soooooooooo cute !!

  9. you look very pretty, mags. will you show us mitch's smile too?

  10. Hi Maggie,

    Yeah! You recieved your gifts! I am so glad all of you like whats in the package!
    My daddy especially love the 2nd pic of your smile. He says "So cute! Can't see the eyes!"


  11. You smile a lot don't you, what a happy doggie you are.

    Simba x

  12. hi Maggie,
    i like the Sunshade smile!
    veri lovely prezzies from Reina too!

  13. lovely smile maggie. love the present from reina too. you are still celebrating your b-day, aren't u?

    btw, i received the book and treats! thank you very much maggie. now you don't have to worry it won't reach me on time before i move.

    wet wet licks


  14. Hey Maggie,
    That was a lovely package from Reina for you and your Mom (and mitch) too. hehe....That collar and leash looks great on you.
    Isn't it wonderful getting packages?

  15. Hey Mag, Happy belated! I wish I could quilt. It seems appropriate that you have someone from Montreal contribute to the Cirque De Solaire quilt. I'll canvas all airedale owners in the city. Maybe I'll even find one with Cirque de Soleil!

  16. Great presents Maggie, and great photos of you and Mitch today!!!


  17. Awww beautiful smiley pics. you are just gorgeous.

    tail wags

  18. Maggie,

    You've got a great grin! Sometimes Mona Lisa subtle, sometimes big and wide!


    ps So glad I didn't break your dad! I would have felt really guilty about that.

  19. Maggie and Mitch here is the new link to my blog


  20. you are so lucky to have such wonderful friends to send you such nice pressies

  21. Oh wow..... nice nice nice!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  22. Wow, that is really a pretty collar. Now you can change collars everyday.. that will be so cool.

    Boy n Baby