Thursday, July 19, 2007

One More Birthday Gift!

You're not going to believe this!

I got another birthday pressie in the mail today! whooohooooooo It's raining here and it's just soooo boring and the mailman knocked at the back door and handed mom a box from Ruby! What an awesome surprise! Thanks Ruby! You saved us from a totally BORING day! Can you see who this box is addressed to? Yup, that's right - MAGGIE!

Well, look who could hardly wait to sink his teeth into the very first thing out of the box!

Actually Ruby sent this orange ball to Mitch - so he wasn't stealing! It really was for him! Ruby wrote him a sweet note too! It says, "Dear Mitch, Hi! I know it isn't your barkday yet, but I'm so happy that we are friends and I wanted to send you something too! I hope you like it and maybe, if you're a good boy, Maggie will share some of the snackies I sent her too! Lots of loving licks......your pal Ruby!"

Snackies???? What snackies! We didn't get to those yet!

Putter gave me a pink ball for my birthday just like Mitch's orange one so now we can play together!

See that nice blue stuffy bone in Mitch's clutches? That's supposed to be one of MY birthday gifts from Ruby! hummmmmmmm

Guess who's decided that he really likes it??!!
Ruby also sent me this beautiful pink girly bandana! I've taken quite a liking to the color pink these days! Thank you so much Ruby! I love it!

She also sent a squeaky Kong ring like the one Sunshade has! This is awesome Ruby because Mitch is forever helping himself to the one mom gave me for Christmas. Now we have two of them so there will be no fighting - right Mitch!Can you see that little pain guarding my birthday stuffy bone and helping himself to my Kong ring? Does this little pest have any manners at all?!

OMG check out this bone cookie! Have you ever seen anything so big in your life?! No, you crazed dog! It's mine all mine!

And check out these blueberry bone snackies! Wow! We've never had these before! Can we open them up please mom and give them a taste? What a pretty color they are and I bet they taste even better than they look!
Ruby sent me a birthday note too! It reads, "Dear Maggie, Hi! Happy Barkday!! I'm sorry I am late sending you this package....but mom has been super busy at work! Actually, I think she's just been lazy or wanted to keep this stuff for herself! It really sounds like you had a wonderful barkday. I'm so glad..if anyone deserves lots of prezzies, it is you! You are such a good friend and always say such nice things! Lots of loving licks...Your pal, Ruby"

P(ee)S: The orange glowball......that's for Mitch. I hope it's ok that I sent him something too. I wouldn't want him to feel left out!"
You are just the bestest friend Ruby! Friends don't come any sweeter than you! Mitch and I just love everything that you sent us. You're most generous. Thank you so much and thank you for making my birthday even more special!

This morning Lorenza awarded me and Mitch the rockin dog blogger award! Thank you so much Lorenza!
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What an awesome honor and it was so sweet of you to think of us! We need to pass it on to 5 others! We choose Faya and Putter, and we gotta do Koobuss because her mom is on a roll, and life wouldn't be fair if we didn't choose Ruby and last, but certainly not least, is my buddy Bogie!

Wear the award well! You're all such deserving doggies! Pass it on to 5 more, okay?

Until next time.........

Love ya lots,



  1. Ruby sent you some lovely presents! How exciting!

    oooooh we want to know how to get the Rockin blogger image to work, we got awarded by Boo and Oscar, but it does not work on our blog when you click it!

    Usual "Jeannie fighting with technology Saga" she has tried several things but it does not work.

    She is getting the computer axe out again I am afraid! Ha ha ha! Only joking!!!!

  2. Hi Maggie,

    Happy Barkday to you and to your mom! That is so cool that you share barkdays. It's also nice that you have a brother to play with, I guess. Just so he knows who's boss. You got some great presents, too. You are a luck dog, Maggie.

    Thank You for giving me the Rocking Dog Blog award. That was very nice of you. You area great friend. My mom will work on that now and pass it on. Wish her luck!

    It is raining here, too. We got back from our walk just in time before it started to rain again. I really don't like getting wet.

    Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

  3. Wow, such nice presies! Enjoy!
    Whuffs & Baroos,
    Eddie & Peaches'

  4. OH MY! Maggie!

    What a superest box from RUBY! Just superest! I love your newest bandanna! Thanks for my award -- that was really kind of you:)!!!!!! I will talk to you soonest, okay!

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  5. Presents and an award, thats a good day.

    Simba xx

  6. OMdOG Maggie...I'm so honored...I can't wait to put it on my blog!!! Yay!!!

    I'm so happy you and Mitch liked your prezzies!!! Mitch was a bit of a hog tho' wasn't he...but don't tell him I said that ok? You look very nice in pink too! It's your new signature color!

    Who will I award the award too...hmmm...

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  7. Hi Maggie! Hi!

    I just posted about my award from you! Mom and ME figured out how to do it! Thank you Maggie! Thank you!

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  8. COOL pressies from Ruby! Hey, those squeaky kongs are FUN. I have the barbell and ball. Those blueberry treats look AWESOME! You are such a lucky pup!

  9. Holy Cow, Maggie! It's like we live in parallel universes! Our siblings are EXACTLY ALIKE! Crazy! :-)

    Cool pressies! Isn't Ruby the best?!

  10. Hi, Maggie.
    Glad you liked your award! You deserve it!
    As well as you deserve all those presents!!
    Take care

  11. Wow, more lovely presents, what a popular girl you are! Good luck eating all that bone yourself, something tells me you may have a helper!

    Oscar x

  12. Wow, Maggie, your Barkday just keeps on giving, doesn't it?!? That's pawesome! :)

    What nice pressies from Ruby. She is so thoughtful and kind.

    Puggy kisses

  13. Wow more presents! That is sooooo cool, congratulations you pupular pup you!

  14. Im bet you have a wonderful barkday this year. So many greeting & pressie from all around the world. You & Mitch are 2 lovely pals and you deserved the award too. Congrat!!!

  15. blueberry biscuits?! I never even heard of such a thing! you sure are lucky!

  16. Oh Maggie, aren't you the prettiest of the prettiest Airedales.

    I'm so glad to see your birthday has turned into a long term affair and deservedly so.

    BTW... a wee bit of unsolicited advice regarding Mitch. It took Moxie over 4 mos after realizing that Buster was staying with us to figure out how to include him in on her royal routine.

    Take your time ... you both have plenty of it.

    Thank you so much for turning me on to your blog. Love all the stories and pictures.

    Moxie & Buster (RIP there mischievous souls)

  17. You two are the ROCKIN'est Dales around!!!


  18. Wowwwwwwwww!

    More presents and another award!!!!!!

    Life sure is goooooodddddddd!



  19. Oh man, they keep on coming & coming & coming... I bet you have a whole storeroom full of your stuff only, lol!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  20. Those are really pawsome presents from Ruby. Mitch sure looks happy that you're getting gifts too

    ~ girl girl

  21. wow.. maggie.. the pawty has never end... great i think more to come??..

    Golden Rossi

  22. HI Maggie!!!
    WoW!!! Your pressies just keep coming in!
    U are so popular!!!
    Congrats on your award!!

  23. Happy belated barkday to you Maggie - looks like you had a pawsome time celebrating and congrats on the award as well!


  24. The group of the present is wonderful.
    Exactly, I want you to divide at time.

    I want must to look at a red bandana of maggie greatly a little more.
    And, congratulations of a new prize. :)

    Spend the weekend of the enjoyment.

    from loved ume tyan

  25. Holy moly!! The motherload of presents! You must be the bestest girl Maggie :-) Have fun with your gifts. It's nice Mitch got one (or two) too.

  26. wow Maggie, Ruby sent quite a loot! i would snag dat stuffy bone too!

  27. Mmmmmmm, more treats! Glad to see that Mitch wasn't feeling left out! J x

  28. Maggs!

    That Rubinator sure is a sweetpea, isn't she? What a great haul of pressies.

    There is still at least one more pressie you haven't gotten yet. It should be on its way by the beginning of next week.

    Congratulations on your award. I know it's an honor just to be nominated, but doesn't it feel great to win too?

    Goober love,

  29. You are now our "Miss Bandanna" ! Kiss, Faya... I will be very busy this week-end...have you seen my garden ? Véronique is crying a lot ...

  30. Hi Maggie
    You look so bootiful in that bandana, no wonder you like pink these weally suits you..those awe fabulous pwezzies..don't let Mitchy take them all away, I know how genewous you awe, but you need to have your own lovely things.
    Thanks for saying you like my birfday card for Snickers..I'm sowwy we couldn't go, but we get to see each other soonest, Yeahhh!!!!
    smoochi kisses

  31. Maggie:

    Seems like EVERYDAY going to be your birthday....GREAT pressies..

    More pressies = GOOD !!!

    Hiya Mitch..

    We live the snap of you with the bone...

  32. Wow, you got sooo many gifts. You must be a really special pooch. Hope you had a great barkday. You are such a nice doggie to share your gifts. That Kong toy looks like the most fun! Have a great weekend you guys.


  33. WoW more presents and an award ..... just shows how adorable your are Maggie.

    Tail wags

  34. Wowww! more pressie?? You are one lucky gal, Maggie!
    Good things come to good doggie. You have definitely earned it!

    lots of licks, (oh no, take it back, can't give you licks yet. my puppy wart hasn't gone away, bummer) air kisses instead,

  35. Wow, that's a lot of loot in the mail!! Both of you are so lucky!