Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Birthday Continues...............

It's not over yet! This is day two of the most fun I've ever had!

Mitch and I had our frosty paws last night! I still can't figure out why the woman used her good china??? It's useless to me!

Hey, this is pretty good stuff mom and I did an awesome job mixing these babies up!

Mine's all gone already- bummer! It was way too small! I've have another please!
We made more than two Maggie and the weather is still pretty hot and unbearable here! Let's cross our paws that mom shares more of these frosty treats tonight, okay?

Putter's mom was at our house today! No, she didn't bring Putter - sorry - but she did bring both me and mom a pressie!
This smells good! I wonder what's inside?
Treats! Sorry that mom didn't get a picture! I downed them pretty quickly!
The pink ball is called a Powzer and it's supposed to glow in the dark. I can't wait till tonight to have mom shove it underneath the lamp and see what happens!
This other colorful toy talkes to me like Wiggly Giggly does. It's called a Quirkies Roly Poly by Booda. I'm not the only one who loves this toy! So does Mitch! You're shocked to hear this, right?! haha
There were also two purple shovel spoons in the birthday box for ice cream! I can't wait till the next time we have some to try them out! These shovels will come in mighty handy! Look how much they hold!Putter gave me a cute card too!

It says "Dear Maggie, Happiest birthday ever!
I am so happiest that we are friends!! (Meeeeeee too Putter)
I hope you ate lots of cake and frosty paws too!!
I can't wait to climb the Giant again soonest! (As soon as the weather cools off, we'll start bugging the hoomans again, right Putter?!)
Your goodest and bestest friend, Putter."
Isn't Putter just the best!
And look what her mom made my mom for her birthday! It's a framed collage of all photos of me and Mitch! Mom and dad both love it! Mom will be looking for that perfect spot to hang it!
And that's not all of the exciting news for today! The mailman went again around 11AM and today he brought an envelope from Lee and Tris - the Airechicks in TX!!

What is this mom? I've never seen anything like this before!

Let's read the white label and find out, okay Maggie? The label says that this is a tiny sample of a fantastic dog toy. Helping Udders is famous for all over the world! Udder tugs and toys are made from recycled rubber liners used in machines to milk real cows. Contact with all those cows leaves an irresistible cow smell we call "eau de bovine" that dogs absolutely love. The come in all shapes and sizes for tugging, throwing, fetching and more. If your dog loves the smell of this sample, he'll love a full sized toy. P.S. If you decide to get more Udder Tugs, remember that 25% of the price of each tug goes to support rescue!

Cool! Way cool! Well, all I can say is that it sure smells good to me!

Now to hide it before Mitch comes in and steals yet another birthday pressie of mine!Mitch would also like to send a special thanks out to Ruby for giving him a special award for the couple of times that he has blogged. Seeing as he's been such a good brother and has made my birthday a really special one, I think maybe I'll let him blog more often! What do you think? And we'll put his award UNDERNEATH mine on my blog! How about that?!

Thank you Ruby! That really was very sweet of you! Mitch feels pretty special about this honor! Hey, I just noticed something! How come the star for guys is bigger than the star for girls??!! You need to fix this in a hurry Ruby!

I also want to thank Ruby for making me a special card that was featured on her blog and the same goes for Wally! Thanks guys! And also to Sir Chance-Lot and to Butchy and Snickers and Sunshade and Jaffa for making me feel like a Queen for the day! Thank you very much! I truly appreciate it! You guys are all so special to me!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,



  1. Wow. We didn't know Ruby was going to do that! Guess great minds think alike - please have Mitch stop by our blog - Zim and I gave him the Rockin' Guy Blogger award that Stormy made!

  2. Hi, Maggie.
    Looks like the party doesn't end yet!
    You are so nice. You deserve that and more!
    Did you share some presents with your mom??
    Have a nice day

  3. Maggie,I've been looking at all the super pwesents and tweats you got for your weally looks like the bestest one ever!!!You are such a sweetie, and a good big sister,you desewve all that and moore.
    Your scarf is lovely and I love your new collar,that color is gowgeous on you.
    congwatulations to both of you for the rockin awards!
    smoochie kisses

  4. Happy birthday Maggie! Come stop by my blog when you have a moment, we are having a contest!



  5. Woo Hoo, I love the never ending party, ha rooo roo!!! That Shovel Spoon is tooooo funny!


  6. Hi Maggie! Hi!

    OMG! It is never gonna end! This is the goodest thing ever! I am so glad that you like the pressies I sent to you with Mom ...:) I am so excited to try my tastiest cake! Thanks for sending it to ME! :) I better go dig in NOW!:) I am impatient ya know! :)

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  7. Keep that birthday going Maggie! Those ice cream scoops will shovewl a heap of the cold stuff, nice!

    Oscar x

  8. It is almost Maggie Palooza over there! I think I need a food shovel for sure!

  9. Maggie:

    OMDog...what a wonderful birthday your having...Great pressies....

    Let us know how the udder tug works for you and Mitch....

    What a wonderful pic Putter's Mm brought...

    That Mitch he's a keeper...he can cook...FROSTY PAWS !!!

  10. Wow, Maggie, you are having a great birthday celebration. You have so many friends that give you nice pressies. We like the photo collage. Your fancy pink collar is quite attractive also. Happy day TWO of your b-day celebration!

  11. Maggie -

    You sure know how to do a blow out party - ROCK ON!!

    Love Dory

  12. Hey Maggie...I think you b-day will continue for a few more days...hint, hint, hint!

    I Love all your toys!!! And those frosty paws looked way yummy!!!

    As for the award badge...hmmm...I'll have to look into that...the guys are cool and all, but we girlz are better!!! hee, hee, hee!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

    P(ee)S: Yes, more Mitch, more Mitch!!!

  13. Hi Maggie,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! May all your dreams come true...

  14. Happy Birthday Maggie!!! Your birthday just keeps on going, how great is that!!

    Lots of doggies sure love you including us.

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

  15. maggie, that's wonderful gift from putter. i love the collage. that's so thoughtful of putter's mom.

    wet wet licks


  16. Those treats look very yummy. You sure got lots of nice gifts maggie. :)

    ~ girl girl

  17. Maggie, you are one of the sweetest airdale chicks in the blogging world.
    Happy birthday sweetie!

    You deserve all that love, pressies and especially the doggie icecream.


  18. Awww Maggie what a wonderful b'day you are having and so well deserved.


  19. This was a great birthday ! Maggie I am so happy for you ! Kisses, Faya

  20. Mags!

    Happy barkday, pretty girl!! I'm a goob, and that's no excuse (it's just a fact), but I flubbed getting your present to you. My girl is quite famous for late birthday greetings. Think of it this way, someday, sometime, you will get another surprise in the mail all the way from the foreign country of GooberStan.

    Looks like you guys had a BLAST! I wish I could have been there! Your pressies are fanTABuloso, and I'm sure they'll keep you (and Mitch) busy for awhile!

    Tell Mitch congrats on the Rockin' Boy Blogger Award! That Ruby sure is coolio.

    Goober love, kisses & barkday hugs!

  21. OH I like that collage frame too !! thats a nice pressie.

  22. Maggie.. u sure are a special girl.. and u deserve every bit of it..

    Golden Rossi

  23. sorry i missed your birthday, I hope you had a great day.

    Simba xx

  24. Whoah you have the best bdays they keep going and going!

    Your are one lucky and mama says cute doggie!

  25. Wow! What a birthday! You got lovely pressies from lovely friends & you also got nominated for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award! That's just wonderful! Hope you're having a blast...

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  26. Wonderful many of the present are prudent.
    The collage is politely made.:)

    from loved ume tyan

  27. Wow and there are more pressies!
    Putter is such a darling!
    And congrats to Mitch on winning the Rockin Guy Blogger award!


  28. Maggie, can you help Tank the Newf? He needs pictures of a pretty airegirl for my contest and he doesn't have any airedale friends!!!

    No one has responded to his plea for airepics and I think he must feel very sad!

  29. Maggie! Happy Birthday! (I think I'm a little late, but the sentiment in there!) Nice to meet you - I love Airedales! :-)

  30. What a wonderful barkday!!! Toys n Treats, that is just awesome.

    Boy n Baby