Sunday, July 8, 2007

Our Second Lemon Popcycle

We really wanted to share a grape popcycle but because Boo had to open his big yap and tell our mom that grape was poison - and of course mom doesn't want us to die - we had to share another lemon popcycle! It was very sweet and yummy! Thanks mom!

You might want to turn up your sound to hear all the stupid things mom is saying! Enjoy!

Until next time..........

Love ya lots,



  1. Maggie,
    that looked so cool and yummy, and Faya is wight you won, but both you and Mitch were vewy polite about taking tuwns,my Mommi was super impwessed, I just wanted to shawe too
    smoochie kisses

  2. Hi Maggie! Hi!

    OMG, another lemon pop! It looks so tasty! I need to get my paws on one! Great video! :) Talk to you soon!

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  3. you guys sure are lucky!! we get ice cubes, they sure arent sweet and yummy

  4. Mmmmmm. That looks good. Its hot here today. You gave me a good idea! I think I'm gonna go ask Momma if we can have a pawsicle.


  5. Woo Hoo Maggie (and Mitch). That looked yummy and cold. I loved Mitch's expression when you took the treat off the stick. He looked so shocked!

  6. Hey Maggie,
    Yes, grapes & raisins can be very toxic & deadly to dogs. We've never tried lemon before, sounds good though. We better have Mama get us some popsicles. Keep cool!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  7. Ooooo my favorite...!!!!
    You guys are so polite to each other! Happy birthday Maggie..ONE day late, right? I am sorry there are so many doggies here, I cant keep up hehe.
    Can you do me a favor and send a very large good full body image of both you and Mitch to me please, mamma is working on the images for Cafe press now..If you like to be one of the doggies in a picture that will be in the grand opening..(not sure when yet..hehe,but hopefully soon.)
    Please send them as big as possible.

  8. Good goin' Maggie. You got the big chunk! That looks yummy and you two share pretty good.

  9. Ohoh..I forgot to tell you about this web page. It belongs to a friend of my mamma, who is a "code~whisperer"..hehe, or at least that is what mamma calls him.
    He makes very cool codes..check it out.


  10. Hey Maggie,
    Another ONE??? How many of those does your Mom have in her magic box at home?? Great video anyhoo...hehe

  11. Drrrooooll...that popsicle looks so yummy! Mom lets me lick a tiny bit of her popsicle, but I never get to eat the whole thing. You two are so lucky :)

  12. Maggie - Happy Barkday!!!!!!

    Loved the video - I have no idea why humans feel the need to chat while they video us being so very cute!!

    love to Mitch and your humans!!


  13. Yummy. We make pupsicles with watered down meat juices, and sometimes a few scraps. Muzzer threatens to make veggie pupsicles, but I don't think she has tried it yet. They are messy cause I always take them out of the bowl.

  14. Both of you have very good 'table manners' cos you waited patiently for your turn!! Poor Mitch looked so surprised when you bit off the last bit.. Great video, it made me salivate..

  15. Such a great video.. and yummy yummy too..

    Golden Rossi

  16. keke... yup, the barkday gal deserves the bulk of the pupsicle!

  17. I love Mitch's leaps to chomp the ice lolly (that's what we call them here in UK), and his face when he sees you've eaten it ios priceless!

    Oscar x

  18. I love red popsicles much to my mom's dismay. Your video made me long for summer. you and Mitch are adorable my mom says.

    ~Scrappy and Pebbles

  19. sorry maggie and mitch. but i bet that lemon pupcycle is as good as the grapes one!

    wet wet licks


  20. ei Maggie and Mitch!

    that's some yummy looking popsi!

    awww.. mitch.. you got left with a stick!

    good thing you can control yourself.. for me, I might get berserk!

    drool drool!

    are you having pupsicles on your barkday?


  21. Thank you we wish to express our gratitude for teaching the name of the flower.:)

    Maggie and mitch eat the ice cream delicious.

    from loved ume tyan

  22. What a great idea! I bet I would love a pawcicle...I'm gonna ask my mama for a bite the next time I see her eating one.

  23. looks yummy! Well, if you can't have grapes, there's always apples, watermelons, strawberries pawcicles!

  24. We have an ice cream truck that drives around here at night - mama has been listening very hard to figure out when he stops by our street and now she is going to try to flag him down with us so we can get popsicles from truck! That one looks delicious!

  25. Oh that is so sweet
    That looks sooo good.
    OF course we wish we had lemon popsicles!

  26. Dear Miss Piggy & Mitch!

    Your mama has such a cute little giggle. She sounds like a itty bitty hooman pup on the video.

    You know how there's just some doggies who make whatever they're eating seem to taste better because of how they eat it? Well, that's what I was thinking about the 2 of you while watching your vid.

    Your goober bud,

  27. You guts are really polite with the sharing. My ma ape says I should watch and learn. I have learned a lot--I NEED PUPCICLES!


  28. You guys share real well! Mmm... I wonder if they make watermelon popsickles?