Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ice Cream Contest

I suppose by now everyone knows about the ice cream contest that the Airechicks are running.

Last night mom and dad took Mitch and me for ice cream again and this time they let us have a whole cone to share so we could take pictures to enter in this contest! We've never had a whole cone before so when dad ever brought that ice cream cone over to the truck window and handed it to mom we were like " Oh my goodness - really?! That's really for us?!"
We were both trying to get the first lick!
Guess who won?
Well, it was his eighth month birthday so I guess it's okay! Mitch was really loving this ice cream cone stuff! Oh my gosh, look at the mess he's making!
Mom usually gets a small dish and we share hers and she treats us to 4 or 5 spoonfuls apiece off of our purple shovel spoon. This was a totally new and fun experience! And I wasn't doing too badly myself. I took one big lick and half the ice cream was down my throat! hehehehehe- gotcha Mitch!
It's all over my nose!
We were both totally enjoying this - being piggies and getting our beards and faces all yucky and messy!
I ended up getting most of the cone. I'm not sure if Mitch was full or if he was just being kind but he wasn't fighting me for the cone!
Good, because it was sure yummy and I really wanted the whole thing!

So all you doggies - get your hoomans to take you out for a cone and bring your cameras so you can enter this contest and give me and Mitch and Asta and Stanley some competition! Stanley has challenged everyone to try and beat him and we Airedales don't take challenges lightly! It'll cost you $5.00 to enter your photo but 100% of the money goes to Airedale rescue so you're helping out less fortunate doggies. There are even prizes to be won! Oh, by the way, if your hoomans won't let you have ice cream or frozen yogurt because they think you'll get fat, Lele and Tris said that you can stuff plain old yogurt in a cone and if your mom still thinks it's too much, then have your mom eat half the cone and then fill it with yogurt or have a dish of yogurt and eat it neatly off a spoon instead of acting like cavemen like me and Mitch! It's yummy and it all goes for a great cause! Hurry though, you only have until August 4th to enter!

You have to see this one last photo! This is Mitch sound asleep with his head on dad's arm rest!

Does he look like a cherub or what! He's got everybody fooled!

So until next time...............

Love ya lots,



  1. OMdOG that looked yummy and that pix of Mitch is priceless!!!

    Now that all you pups have said I'm really not fat...maybe I can get some ice cream tonight to get a picture?

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  2. Ha roo!! Those are wonderful pics! I have eaten an ice cream in a cone before. It is SOOO yummy!

  3. A full cone? I've never eaten ice cream from the cone before!!! How lucky are you two! It must be very yummy.

  4. ohhhh yummy ice cream. didn't you make a drippy sticky mess in your car too? that's what we do. it's so good.

  5. Hey Maggie & Mitch:

    PRICELESS snaps....You guys really hammed it up for the camera...

    Thank you so much for telling everyone about the contest...

    Andy and Sebastian and all the others "THANK YOU!!"

  6. ICE CREAM!! We scream for ice cream.

    What lucky 'dales you are.

    Moxie & Buster (RIP their mischievous souls.)

  7. Hmm.. I have tried ice-cream but I am not crazy abt them... (do u think there's something wrong with me??)..
    But well, it looked like u and Mitch sure enjoyed ur ice-cream a lot!! Loved the photos.. esp the one of Mitch sleeping!

  8. Aw, that last photo of Mitch is adorable...

    I still have NEVER had ice cream, I'm hoping that I can convince mom to let me have some so that I can enter the contest!


  9. Hi, Maggie.
    Those are great pictures for the contest! Yummy ice cream!! And to get the whole cone of ice cream... double yummy!
    Have a good night

  10. oh oh oh... ice cream ice cream!!.. my fav.. but how come yours look nicer and yummier!!.. Mom, i wanna an ice cream like what Maggie n Mitch had!!..

    Golden Rossi

  11. i love yogurt more than ice-cream....wonder will they hv yogurt eating contest...hahah

  12. Hey Maggie,
    I haven't eaten any ice cream in my life. All I get is plain yogurt. Am I missing out or wat?

  13. I need to get over to the Airechicks site and check this out!! Mom is on vacation and I am missing all the fun!

  14. Aw, mum always says I am an angel when I'm asleep too.

    I'm trying to persuade mum to let me enter. I'll have to use boring natural yoghurt as mum is mean!

    Oscar x

  15. He looks so sweet, nearly as sweet as the ice cream.

    Simba x

    what a brilliant idea!

    it's a win win situation all around :)

    nose licks

  17. Hey pals, love your photos. I'm still working on my entry. It's been a bit too cold for ice cream over here but I suppose I could FORCE myself for a good cause! J x

  18. You guys are treated like kings!
    Mama thinks you guys have the best mom in the world!

    We agree and we want icecream too!

  19. He does look angelic in that last picture! You guys are lucky to get ice cream!

  20. The photograph of the ice cream is wonderful.
    I love photograph of the mitch.

    And, I like part of corn. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  21. Ooooooh, mmmm... delicious creamy ice cream! Mommy's gonna buy one for us tomorrow IF the ice cream man comes to our area.

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  22. I went to the bank drive-through with Mom yesterday, and all I got was a Milkbone! That ice cream looks so much more yummy. Hmmm...

    William Tell

  23. LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! You two are going to give me a run for the money! (I may have to enter another shot or 2 to try to top yours).

    Mitch, could I borrow that photo of your juicy (but peaceful) snout at the end of the post? I'm adding to my collection of juicy snout photos.

    Goober love,

  24. Oh boy, that ice cream looked really good! I can't believe you shared....I think Reilly would end up getting it all and I would get bupkiss, that seems to to be the way around our house.


  25. I eat ice cream vicariously through you!!! Mum won't let me go hear the stuff with my tummy the way it's been. Looks like you two had a blast!!!

  26. You guys are so lucky, you're always getting ice cream! Mom says I have to watch my figure cuz I'm starting to fill out, now *sigh*

    Puggy kisses

  27. Hey: Have fun with Asta NY. Mitch should give her a kissie for me, please

  28. Oh Boy!!!!!

    I love ice cream more than anything else in the whole world, except for bones!!!!!

    What fun you had!! You guys are real lucky dogs!!!

    Koobuss Kisses,

  29. Hm, I don't know if Mitch was full from the ice cream. I tend to think not. Maybe he got brain freeze like my Dad does when he bites into cold things.