Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Visit from Asta

We had a visit today from both Putter and Asta! Putter arrived about an hour before Asta did so we got to visit and tire ourselves out before-hand! Yea right! Everybody knows that we Terriers never get tired! Well, the younger ones anyway!

Mitch welcomed Putter with a big smoochie kiss! He's lovin' the girls the older he gets! And he has such good taste!

Putter and I sorta had words so we had to keep our distance for a bit until things settled down.
It wasn't long before Asta and her mom and dad drove in and things got even more fun!
Asta is a doll! She's just a little pipsqueak but she's so full of energy and fun! Asta and I seemed to hit it off just fine!
And once again - our boy Mitchy giving smoochy kisses - this time to Asta! That's Putter in the back and you can just see my head in the front.
Mitch and Asta were getting a little bit more personal. Putter was right there to keep an eye on things! Thanks Putter- I owe ya! Gotta watch that little brother of mine!
Okay, now it's starting to get embarrassing! Enough already you two!
Asta is such a happy girl and smiles a lot! That's Putter's leg in the background. She's kissing Asta's mom!
With the hello's all taken care of, we all decided to move inside the barn into dad's workshop. It's a beautiful day but hot outside! We all exchanged gifts. Asta gave me an orange Wubba! Thank you so much! How did you know that Mitch destroyed mine already. No way is he getting this one! This one is actually for swimming and it has reflectors on it. It's very neat!
And she gave Mitch a green Cuz-like toy with an awesome voice! Mitch is going to drive us nuts with this thing at 7AM - you can bet on that!
We also got bags and boxes of all sorts of yummy treats!
Now to get down to some serious playing.
Mitch, Asta and Putter were all racing around like pups having the best time! One of the favorite toys to play keep-away with was the big lip fish that Stanley sent Mitch! Everybody just loves that toy! Putter has it at this point but not for long!

The hoomans all had lunch in the workshop. Mom made sandwiches and they had chips and cookies and they were just having the best old time getting to know each other. My dad's name is George and Asta's dad's name is George and both George's love woodworking so they connected immediately. Mom and Putter's mom and Asta's mom talked about blogging endlessly and yes, we all did have a moment of silence for Oscar. There were a couple of times that the moms got all choked up and teary-eyed.

After lunch there was more playtime until Asta's dad pretty much said that it was time for them to hit the road. This is just the start of their vacation! Mitch and Asta said their tearful good-bye's~

The hoomans hugged and thanked each other for all of us being able to get together for this brief and totally wonderful time! I sure hope we can do this again! It was a blast!

Thank you so much for going out of your way to visit us Asta! We are sure happy to have met you in person. You're one sweet girl. Mitch is nodding his head to the point that I think it might fall off! And Putter, thank you for visiting also! It's so special every time we get to visit with each other. We sure do have some fun adventures, don't we! I hope we have many, many more! Come back anytime Asta! We'd love to have you!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,



  1. Maggs!!

    I've just been waiting for this post and you did not disappoint!

    You all had a BLAST together! Mitchy has great taste in pupgirls... that Asta is a sweetpea! Did she remember to give you goober kisses from me? (Hope so).

    Thanks for sharing your romping good playtime with us. Wish I could have been there too, but I was with you in spirit!

    Goober love and kisses,

    Pee Ess
    The big lip fish is very popular in GooberStan as well! Long live the fish!!

  2. Oh my, you all look so happy. What a cool fun time.

    Murph the jealous pup who wishes he had been there!

  3. Oh Maggie...what a wonderful visit. I'm so jealous I live so very far away!!! Asta really does always look so happy...that one picture of her...just so sweet. I think Stanny's gonna have some competition with Mitch for Asta's affections!!!

    I really sounded like a blast!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. What a day ! How lucky you are ! Thank you for sharing. Ohhhhh Asta is so cute...with Mitch. Big kisses, Faya

  5. Oh I am so glad you guys had a great time. We loved seeing the pictures, it was almost like being there, but not quite.

    Sniffs and kissies to you and Mitchie

  6. OH MANNNNNN...... I missed out on the gurlie time again!!!

    Mitchy and Asta are sooo cute together, I think they both know they are STINKIES! I bet STINKY would love them too and Putter and you (since he basically loves everyone).

    SIGH... wish I were there, I could have used some friends over the last couple of days....

    Anyway, so glad you guys had fun, we really need to get a trailer or private jet to fly ME over!!!!!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  7. How wonderful that you actually got to meet up with some of your DWB's friends. We hope to someday meet some our friends in person too. That would be so pawesome!!!

    You all had a wonderful time!!

    Love, Seadra and Zow

  8. Mitch seems like a real ladie's man. He can give Boo or T-Man a run for their money.


  9. Hi Maggie,
    What a wonderful visit! How nice to be visited by frens from DWB yea!

    Oh that Mitch and Asta... hahahaha was it love at first sight?


  10. You got to meet Asta? We really like that little cutie pie. We want to come visit too to you and Mitch and Asta and Putter. One of these days we will take a road trip and come see you! We wanna play with our DWB friends too!

  11. How cool that you got to meet Asta! It's the greatest meeting fellow doggie bloggers!
    Where do you live? maybe we can meet too!!

  12. Gee Maggie,
    We sure wish we were there with you guys too. Looks like everyone had a great time together. At least since Asta is related to Snickers & I both it's almost like you met us, hehehehe! She sure is a cute little girl. Sounds like Mitch has a new little girlfriend, tee hee. Thanks for showing the great pictures!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers (we're melting cause it's sooooo hot!)

  13. gosh Asta is pretty! (You and Putter are too, but I think you girls are too old for me!)

    Mommy and Daddy joke about bringing me back to the Schmitz when I barks when I'm not posed to...but I'm working on that!

  14. Hi Maggie,

    I don't think we've been to visit you before, but we just had to hear about your afternoon with Asta and Putter. How wonderful to get together. And you all looked so darn cute and were having so much fun! I think wires and airedales were meant to be together.


  15. Hey Maggie,
    I am so jealous. It must have been so much fun!! Mitch is growing up to be a real cassonova too eh?

  16. Wow! Was that Asta from NYC? I'm so envious. You guys must have had a great time.

  17. Hi, Maggie and Mitch.
    You are so lucky having the chance to meet your friends in person. Looks like Mitch and Asta had a great time! Lots of kisses!
    Putter and Asta are great, exactly like you two!
    Have a good night

  18. all d terriers r having such a great time in ur house..

    but mitch might seems like over-friendly a little...heheh

  19. Hi Maggie,
    What a special treat to meet Asta and Putter! It looks like you had a great time.

    Nugget & the boys

  20. Boy, did you guys have good time! Wish I was there!
    Airedales and foxies are great friends.

    Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

  21. I am so jealous you all got to meet up and have all that fun together. Asta and Mitch might get married, I could see a love connection there!!!

  22. Hey Maggie, how I wish I could meet up with some DWB pals! Looks like you had so much fun. J x

  23. That looked like such a fun time you all had meeting up!

    We are sooooooooo glad it all went well - and I love the booooootiful pics of you all.

    Asta and Putter looked like they were havin the best time with you and Mitch.

    We are meeting up with Blue very soon, I am sooooooooo excited about this - we will put some pics on our blog once it happens!

    Love and licks, Marvin xxxxxx

    love and light from Jeannie xxxxxxx

  24. Oh woooooow Magz & Mitch! I can't believe Putter & Asta visited you both, what great fun! I can see how much mitch is in love with that pweetty doll Asta. I hope you guys had a lot of fun together! By the way Maggie, your house is really nice, big & cozy. I like big space to run around!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  25. Woh, it sure is fun to have Putter and Asta come visit. Mitch sure is kissing lots of girls

    ~ girl girl

  26. Wow...Looks like you gals and guy has got lots of fun. Mitch is such a lucky boy to be surrounded by so many pretty girls.


  27. oh wow... sound so much fun!!... but Asta look so tiny compare to you all.. hahaha.. but it was great and it's a golden opportunity to have meet up... i think we should do this more often...

    Golden Rossi

  28. that is so much fun!

    looks like we're having a cassonova brewing up in Mitchy ei? not so puppy anymore??

    you and Asta look so cozy together!

    I just read putter's blog.. that fishy looks like fun! Asta looks frolicking there too.. Mommy said she's soo cute..

    I'll go check on Asta..


  29. Thanks for sharing Maggie! Mitch looks like he's gonna be a ladies man! What a great treat to meet Putter and Asta in person! I'm jealous too, but still loves ya lots:)


  30. WOW -

    You got to play with folks - how cool. We haven't met any of the other bloggers in person yet - but we hope Sparky the Puggle might come and play the next time we are at Grammas!!

    Have a great day -

    Dory and Mac

  31. That looked like it was so much fun! I can't believe you got a new orange Wubba! That Asta sure likes a pretty fun girl! You just have to tackle Mitch when he wakes you all up at
    7:00 am...I don't like getting up until 7:30...no earlier!

    I hope you all have a great time again together soon!


  32. Hi Maggie,

    My name is Luna, I don't think I ever visited your blog before. I am a wirey girl from Long Island. My Mom used to have an Airedale (Penny), she was an old girl and passed before I came along. I inherited some of Penny's toys.

    I was just recently in Connecticut for a grooming. There is a gentleman in Westport who does hand stripping. There are no groomers here on Long Island that do hand stripping. It looks like You, Asta, and Putter had a great time. Checkout my blog some time.

    Luna Licks,


  33. Such wonderful pictures and stories.

    I'll admit I had heard that WFT were, uhm, a bit 'wired' for my taste. But Asta is a perfect diplomat. She's absolutely gorgeous, friendly, and doesn't appear to be a never ending hyper biting barking ball of energy.

    I'm sorry to read that Putter & Maggie had words. Albeit, not unusual between two Airedale b*tches! I always lived by Moxie's cardinal rule when meeting other dogs - especially females - 'let's meet off each others property, then we can invite each other over. BTW, when do you have to leave again'

    Don't know why, but it worked. If she met a dog on her property, she'd huff and puff and act like she'd blow the house down.

    Buster on the otherhand, was my perfect ambassador - 'here's my collection of rawhides - you want one?' comes to mind.

    Mitch, what can I say, you are just too darling for words.

    Moxie & Buster (RIP their mischievous souls.)

  34. Wow! What a totally fun day! How cool to get visitors.

    Sometimes I have words with dogs (what a polite way to put it!) cuz I'm old and a little cranky. It's all good!


  35. Hey, terrier party! Woo-hoo!


  36. Oh wow.. a terrier pawty!! Isn't it SO nice to make new friends (or rather, meet friends that you have been 'talking' to but not met face-to-face?) Heehee.. and I can see that Mitch is quite in keen on Asta (and her smoochie kisses)!

  37. What can be more fun than having friends over and having a great time with them.

    Boy n Baby

  38. By the way, Boy's surname is Yeo.

    Boy n Baby

  39. By the way, Boy's surname is Yeo.

    Boy n Baby

  40. Oh now I know why is Asta missing.....Mitch oh Mitch, you are too much!!! How could you have all my smoochie kisses from Asta???

  41. Wow how cool to meet up with other bloggers. Looks like you guys had a great time. Lots of nice photos there.
    Jazz and Dixie

  42. omDOG! maggie, you get to meet putter again and asta huh. i'm so so jealous now that i missed out the chance to meet amber-mae and gang last sunday. :(

    wet wet licks


  43. Maggie! Mitch!

    Wasn't it the funnest of fun days??? Thank you so much for such a greatest pawty!!!!!! Lunch was so tasty too! :)

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  44. G'day Maggie and Mitch,

    You all look like you were having so much fun. The only thing better than one Asta is two Astas.

    xxx Asta down under

  45. Hi Maggie and Mitchy(sigh),
    Im back I'm back!
    You wewe the bestest hosts ever!!!!
    I had such a ball, I'll never fowget playing with you!
    I'm going to bug my pawents to do it again.. don't think it'll be hawd, cause they also had the bestest time..we loved you all THANK YOU...as soon as we unpack we'll twy to post
    I love you
    lots and lots of smoochie kisses