Friday, July 6, 2007

Treating Dad

We promised to treat dad to fish-n-chips for father's day but it didn't happen to work out on that particular day so he took a rain check.
Last night he cashed in on his rain check! We went out to Madison to Lenny and Joe's Fish Tail for their famous fish-n-chips! For those of you who don't know, chips are just big french fries! At least they are here in Connecticut!

Here he comes Mitch! Picnics in the truck are so much fun! Just wait and see!
ummmmmmmmmm smell that aroma! I can't wait to get my paws on some of those fries! Dad's smiling so I guess he's in the right frame of mind to share LOTS with us!
Yum, that fish was just awesome mom! Could I please have another piece?
Mom apologizes for the poor quality and lack of pictures! She says it's hard to take pictures and guard her dinner and eat at the same time! Who would she have to guard her dinner from???
This is Mitch's first time out with us for an actual dinner. Usually it's just ice cream. I think he likes picnics in the truck! heheheheAfter our fish dinner we headed home for lemon popcycles! Our weather has been very autumn-like for the past few days but it's heating up again - like July is supposed to be!

Mom took one popcycle out of the freezer and made us share. I know, I know, but that's her idea of fun - not ours!
I was lazy and wouldn't get up off my butt so mom came down to my level to let me have a bite! Mitch had to sit to wait for his share. I went first:
And then it was Mitch's turn:

And then it was my turn again. This was so sweet and chilling! Can you see the spittle all over my beard?!

And then Mitch again. Yummy, can we have another one? Grape next time! Boys like grape!
All gone!!!!!!!!!! That was most refreshing!

Until next time.................

Love ya lots,



  1. Hey Maggie,
    Mmmmmmmm, fish sounds awfully yummy. Maybe we better have Papa take us to Dairy Queen tonight, hehehehe. We love to go for rides. Mama's uncle wants to get an airedale when his little dogs pass on someday. Mama was excited to hear this cause she really likes airedales too. Do you know of any good breeders here in Iowa?? If you do, please let us know.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  2. Wow, fish and chips look yummy! It is traditional here in England to eat them at the seaside, so maybe I'll get to if we go on holiday.

    Oscar x

  3. Fish AND chips? Oh yum. I've never had a popcycle. Sounds tasty!


  4. Maggie & Mitch:

    It so nice of you to share your family eating dinner out ...

    Looks like the fish & chips are dinner we need to checkout...

    Popcycles...what a wonderful cool refreshing dessert....

    Made us drool...

  5. Wow, I've never had a popscicle before. I can't even spell it.

  6. Hi there... guess what.. i just had my popcycle yesterday nite..mmhhmm...yummy yummy... but i haven't try fish n chips! mean mummy is restricting my food!..she said am fat!..what a mean hooman!..

    Oh..we are planning to go for picnic tomorrow..yeahhhoooo...can't wait..

    1 last thing.. can i have your mailing address?... we want to send you a barkday card... thanks ya!

    Golden Rossi

  7. oh sorry.. my email add : please mail me your hse add.. thanks!

    Golden Rossi

  8. Hey hey....
    Do the fish and chips taste nice? I should ask mom to get me some..

  9. holy crud, fish, chips and popsicles!! you guys are the luckiest dogs I know!!!

  10. We're too messy to eat in the car - drool gets all over everything! But you look like you're having lots of fun...

  11. Maggie!

    That looks yummy. Mom just printed off the frosty paws recipe and promised me some for tomorrow. Its going to be hot.

    Smoooches cutie,


  12. oh maggie, i hope your mom knows grape is not good for doggie. grapes are poisonous for doggies. mom didn't know at first and she fed me grape + peanut butter flavour of jam and some doggie pointed out to mom that it is actually poisonous to us. oops!

    yeah i like Popsicle too.

    wet wet licks


  13. Hey Maggie,
    FISH and CHIPS? I get fish for dinner but it's always steamed or boiled and never FRIED. :( And ice cream again??? I wanna move over right now!!!

  14. Hi Maggie,

    FISH n CHIPS!!!!!!!1

    I love FISH! Esp Salmon hehehe
    Oh you are so lucky!
    And you get to eat popcycle!!! Lemon pop cycle for me will be so good espcially it is so hot here in Sg!


  15. Véronique worked in a Fish'n'chips-shop in England and she says it was just great ! But here in Switzerland we don't have this. So sad.... but ice-cream yes yes yes...
    Your parents love you a lot and you are all so lucky !
    Kisses, Faya

  16. A delicious fish eats with the soy sauce in Japan. The ice cream is a common enjoyment to the
    world. :)

    Enjoy the weekend.

    from loved ume tyan

  17. Mmmmmm.... fiiiiish & chiiiiips & ice creeeeeam! Totally goes together!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  18. oops! sorry maggie, totally not my fault coz you can't have the grape popcycles. lol

    wet wet licks


  19. hi Maggie,
    u r so lucky dat your pawrents share their dinner with u & Mitch.
    my hoomans dunno the meaning of share.

  20. Popsicles!!! Fries!!! 2 of my FAVORITE things! Yuuuummmmyyyy!!!

    --Winnie :-)

  21. YUMMY fish! My humans let me have some of the fish we catch after they grill it and it tastes very good - I hope you and your dad had good fish too!

    Oh and Mom and I were impressed you and mitch shared your popcicle so well!

    Woofs! Dory

  22. Mags!!

    How can I wrangle an invite for your next picnic in the truck? That looks like something I'd like to check out!

    You're so sassy to your mama - not getting up... even for ice cream! Man, you're one cool girlie. Looked tasty! Good snout shot of Mitch!

    Goob love,

  23. Wow, Picnic by the truck is such a fun thing.

    Boy n Baby