Monday, July 23, 2007


Mom and dad's very good friends, Miss Donna and Mr. Don are in Florida this week and we volunteered to take care of their eleven year old Cairn Terrier, Marty. Marty normally gets sent to a kennel when they go on vacation but because mom and another neighbor decided that they would take turns going to Marty's house and feeding him and taking him out to pee and poo, Marty gets to stay home in his own house and eat his own food. I'd say he's pretty lucky!

Marty lives basically across the street from us, so the walk isn't far. Mom heads over early in the morning to let him out and this is what she finds! Tough life huh?!

Marty doesn't even come to the door to greet her! He doesn't even bark! He's too lazy to even get up off the sofa! Mom says she has to ask Marty several times to please get up so we can go out and do business!

I don't like Marty and I don't think he likes me either! He's a loud mouth ankle biter! I'm glad mom is leaving me home when she goes over there! I'm sure Marty could care less about seeing me too! I'll wait right here for you mom! Hurry back! I hope mom can get a video of Marty barking for you. His bark is just horrible! The first time we ever heard the "noise", we thought a dog fight had broken out in the middle of the road in front of our house - he shrieks in this most hideous God-awful high pitched sissy voice! Mitch has met Marty and wants to play with him but Marty is an old man at eleven years old and wants no part of Mitch clubbing him in the head with a puppy paw!

Miss Donna left Marty a pretty nice set up, don't you think? Pillows all over the couch and there's even a blankie on the bed for him! What a life!

Mom says that Marty is very stubborn about leaving the driveway to do his duty. She basically has to give him a tug to get him going in the right direction! What a stubborn little cuss - a true Terrier!
Mom did notice that he pees like a real boy and not like a girl like my brother Mitch! Maybe Mitch does need to start hanging around with Marty! hehehehehe
Mom says she's so used to walking us and because we have much longer legs, she keeps up a pretty good pace! She said she glanced down at poor Marty and he was huffing and puffing trying to keep up with mom - oops! Mom had to slow her gait to match his!

Marty is not a chow hound like we are so mom can put food down for him and the next time she visits some of the food is still there - he hasn't even eaten it all yet! I can't imagine doing this! What is he waiting for?!

His favorite treats are carrot slices. He's being rewarded for a job well done! What job? Laying on the sofa or on the bed all day long! Poor Marty!

It's a rainy day here today! I wonder if Marty likes going peepee in the rain??!! *evil grin* I'd say he's a pretty spoiled little brat!

Do you think maybe that I could possibly be jealous of him? I'm not allowed on the bed or the sofa and mom doesn't leave my bowl filled with food all day long! hmmmmmmmmm maybe we should do a switch-o before Miss Donna comes home?! Do you think she'd notice a larger dog roaming around in her house?


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Love ya lots,



  1. Hysteriacal! Maggie! This is absolutely hysterical! It is really nice of your Mom to help take care of Marty when Don and Donna are away:)! Tell her for me will ya???

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  2. Hi, Maggie.
    Yes, your mom is so nice taking care of Marty!
    Like you, there is no way I can leave a piece of my food for more than 30 seconds, forget about all day long!
    I am sure Mrs. Donna wouldn't notice the change!
    Have a nice day

  3. Why Maggie I don't think I've ever heard you speak ill of another pooch...not ever...not even Mitch when he's being an annoying younger brother (sorry Mitch). You must really not like Marty...

    He's got a pretty sweet set up I have to admit. Hang in there!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. Wow. Marty IS pretty spoiled! We don't know if you should really trade places with him, though. Your Momma would miss you badly... And honestly, wouldn't you miss her, too? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
    Whoofs & Baroos,
    Eddie & Peaches

  5. Marty sure a spoiled doggie... a gremlin staying in a mansion??.. hahaha.. oh well, Maggie, u n Mitch are the lucky one too.. having your mom always be there for u.. teach u.. learn new things with u guys... feed u with u all.. bring u guys for walkie...all these are simply the best of all time that u wanted to spend the rest of your life with them...

    Golden Rossi

  6. Hi Maggie!
    How nice of your mom to help out! It's a shame that the three of you don't get along. I'm with you about the food! Mine is gone almost as fast as it is given to me! My Lisa is always telling me, "Winnie, you have to CHEW!!!"

    --Winnie :-)

  7. Hey Maggie,
    Firstly, I think your Mom is really nice to help out your neighbour. Marty sounds like a grumpy old man. LOL! Lying on the couch all day long sure sounds "tiring".

  8. wow, marty is one handsome dude! hehehe, don't tell simba i say that.

    anyway, yeah old man don't like clubbing. i'm sure when he was young, he was as active as mitch now.

    wet wet licks


  9. WHAT! Carrot slices is his favorite treat? Yuk-O; Clearly Marty has been living a very sheltered life.

  10. Maggie, my belly hurts from laughing so hard. I am with you about the food... I finish the whole thing within 30 sec, no chewing needed.


  11. Maggie, my belly hurts from laughing so hard. I am with you about the food... I finish the whole thing within 30 sec, no chewing needed.


  12. Woh... Marty sure knows how to enjoy life... You should take his food while his mom is not around. hee hee

    ~ girl girl

  13. Food, all day long!? Can I come and stay with you?

    Simba xx

  14. Marty sounds like my poodle pals. Whenever mum lets them out she always thinks Jamie the oldest one is dead as he is so fast asleep on the sofa when she goes in that she struggles to wake him up. They also pick at their food, funny dogs!

    Oscar x

  15. While that does look like a good life and he is siphoning away mom love, you DO have to get off the couch for ice cream.

    So next time you drive past his house on the way home from the ice cream parlor do let him know that your belly his full of deliciously creamy goodness while he is eating carrots.


  16. G'day Maggie,

    When I lived with the Figgs, I was wif 4 cairns for 8 months! They're great. Now I snuggle up next to my mum evwy night - I keep her real close.

    xxx Asta down under

  17. We agree with you - we don't like Marty either (cause we hate any competition too!) but our mama says Marty is a cutie pie - oh mom!

  18. Don't worry Mitch - I pee like a girl too. :) It just shows how comfortable we are with our "aire" of manliness.

    Your friend, Lenny

  19. Did you say Marty left the food "idle" for the whole day?! Unbelievable. The food only last 2mins in my house.
    That Marty... hehehe

  20. Marty needs food.
    Does Marty eat the threadsail filefish?

    from loved ume tyan


  22. marty's the one having the real vacation there! i can't believe what a lazy little thing he is!

  23. Maggie
    Marty's owners pwobably had to leave her home, with that kind of gwunpyness what spa would take him,,tseesh, I wouldn't want to play with you and MItch on the other paw...guess what..I'm coming to visit in exactly one week!!!!!I hope that's OK still..I'm weally excitedtoo meet you and maybe Putter too..but don't bwing Marty OK?
    smoochie kisses

  24. Hey Maggie, sounds like Marty is living the good life! J x

  25. OMDog!!! So funnay Maggie! He is soo grumpy, and the way he is looking at your mom on the couch.... like 'oh, its you again' hee hee hee.

    What an old fart!


  26. Oh wow, that's sooo nice of your mom to take care of Marty!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  27. Maggie!

    I'm with Ruby. I've never heard you speak ill of anyone before. ROWR! The claws came out a little on this one, though. (I'm laughing on the inside, girlie.) Marty is lucky his parents are only gone for a short time. Long-term syphoning of your mama's love would NOT be tolerated.

    By the way, your birthday present is winging its way to you. Hopefully you'll get it by the end of the week. Enjoy, sister!

    Goob love,